Makeover a Dollar Tree Shelf Sign for Christmas

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Makeover a Dollar Tree Shelf Sign for Christmas

When I saw this sign made up of a row of four little house shapes, I immediately knew that it could be repurposed as a cute holiday decoration. 

Here’s how to makeover a Dollar Tree shelf sign for Christmas.

Supplies Used:

  • house-shaped sign (Dollar Tree)
  • white paint
  • wired garland stem (Dollar Tree)
  • red beaded garland section
  • found twigs
  • mitre shears
  • detail scissors
  • hot glue
  • artificial snow



This sign is quite sturdy and can stand on its own. I love the small house shapes. I wanted to paint over the letters and add the word “Noel” to make it Christmas ready. I thought of using all of the supplies pictured to do that, but ended up only using the pine piece and some of the beads.


I added about four coats of white acrylic paint to the fronts of the houses. For some reason, you can still see the E peeking through, but I decided it wouldn’t make a difference to the end result.




To make the “O” for my Noel sign, I fashioned a short piece of wired garland into a circle and trimmed it down with my detail scissors. I snipped a few red beads from the garland, hot glued them around the little wreath and glued it to the centre of the second house.




I tried a few different things to make the rest of the letters. I don’t have a cutting machine and couldn’t find any letter stickers I liked, so I ended up cutting some found twigs in approximately 2 inch pieces using my mitre shears.




I hot glued the twigs in place to form the letters, “N”, “E” and “L”.



I finished this piece by hot gluing some faux snow to the roof of each house, as well as in the appropriate places on the wreath and letters. As an afterthought, I glued a small ribbon-shaped sticker I found in my stash, to the bottom of the wreath. I think it finishes off the wreath nicely.

My sign turned out more rustic than I had first anticipated, but the woodland theme is always nice for Christmas, don’t you think?


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