Easy Decorating Ideas From The Dollar Store Diva,
Marlene Alexander

 Home Decor From the Dollar Store!

Marlene Alexander

Hi and welcome! I’m Marlene and I love to combine my two passions, home decor and dollar store shopping, to make inexpensive accents and improvements for my home. Please join me!


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Find of the Week

The picture doesn’t do it justice, but this bevelled mirror from Dollar Tree is very cool. I’ve seen people put several of these together to make one large mirror and the results are gorgeous!

Quick Tip


Newsletter reader Catherine Hayes-Sheen sent me this idea for using phone holders as pull handles on storage boxes. She uses the ringed phone holders for this purpose, as well. What a neat idea!

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It’s that time of year again when we hose down the garden furniture and fire up the barbecue. Life has once again moved outside and that means entertaining alfresco. 

For some, the idea of eating out of doors conjures up pictures of mosquito bites and flies in the potato salad. But just as many of us relish the thought of cold lemonade and a hamburger under a shady elm in our own modest patch of nature. You don’t need a lot of specially made picnic ware to do that but you can enhance the experience with a few inexpensive items from the dollar store.

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It’s always nice to seeing dollar stores starting to stock spring and summer items. I liked the pattern and greeting on a garden flag I found at Dollar Tree and imagined it as art for my entryway.

Here’s how to turn a Dollar Tree garden flag into wall art.

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Home Decor From The Dollar Store!

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