Add “JOY” to Your Home with Faux Pine

Christmas Ideas

Add “JOY” to Your Home with Faux Pine

When one goes shopping at this time of year, it’s hard to pass up some of the great Christmas decor that dollar stores offer. However, I’m continuing my quest to use up what I already have in my stash and trying to limit myself to some of the smaller crafting pieces.

I did buy a package of the larger wired pine stems this year. (Just too good to pass up!) But I had some smaller pieces of wired pine left over from previous years and that’s what I’m using today. I hope you will also want to add “JOY” to your home with faux pine.

If you use the larger, bushier wired stems, you may also want to use a larger canvas, depending on the size of letters you want.

Supplies Used:

  • 16 x 12 inch canvas (on hand)
  • white acrylic paint
  • 5 wired pine stems (Dollar Tree)
  • wire cutters, if needed
  • berry stem (Dollar Tree)
  • mini bow (Dollar Tree)
  • assorted small decor pieces (from stash)
  • hot glue




Dollar Tree now sells longer (14″) and bushier wired pine stems. I still had a few of the 12″ ones left, along with smaller pieces from previous years, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to use them up.  

After giving the canvas one coat of white paint to freshen it up, I started forming the letters. I’m using the canvas long-way on to accommodate the size of the letters I’m making. 



I found a piece of pine stem that I thought would work for the top of the J and gave it a bit of a flourish by bending the ends in opposite directions.



I made the Y next, forming the top half with one piece of stem…



…and the tail with another, making a hook on one end to loop over the top half of the letter. As everything was going to be glued to the canvas, I didn’t think it was necessary to glue the two pieces together.



Using a full piece of wired pine, I wrapped the berry garland down it’s length before forming it into a circle.



I ended up adding some gold berry garland I had in my stash, to the mini wreath, too. The two little bell ornaments were from my stash. I used some bakers twine to tie them together before tying them to the bottom of the wreath and adding a pre-made mini bow. These glitter bows, in red and green, come on a card of twelve at Dollar Tree.



I positioned, then hot glued each letter to the canvas.



Next, I hunted around in my stash to find things I could use to decorate the J and Y. I found this small snowflake, which I added a mini poinsettia sticker to for a hit colour. I found these 3-D stickers at Dollarama. The snowflake had a hanger on it, which was easy to break off with my fingers.



For the Y, I went with some mini pinecones



…some gold floral pieces and a cluster of berries cut from a larger bunch.



I’m rather pleased with the way my JOY sign turned out. It will be the first thing visitors see as they enter my apartment. I hope you’ll want to add “JOY” to you home this holiday season, too!


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