A Fall Sign Inspired by a Dollar Tree Ornament

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A Fall Sign Inspired by a Dollar Tree Ornament

Before summer was over, the stores were putting out merchandise for the fall season. It was around that time that I saw an acorn decoration I really liked at Dollar Tree. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it at the time, but isn’t that always the way?

It’s always good to pick up things you like when you see them because it’s likely they’ll be gone if you go looking for them later.

Here’s what I ended up doing to create a fall sign inspired by a Dollar Tree ornament.

Supplies Used:

  • half acorns from ornament (Dollar Tree)
  • window cling word
  • wood plaque (dollar store)
  • white acrylic paint (on hand)
  • small left-over leaves (from stash)
  • two small pinecones (from stash)
  • clear glue
  • hot glue



Isn’t this ornament cute? Love the colours in these half acorn shapes. I think they’re made of pressed wood or some such thing. I wouldn’t be using the leaf shape this time, but would save it for another time. It looks to me like a good piece to use on the end of a beaded garland.

I cut all the pieces off of the twine and saved the two wood beads, too.

I think I bought the wood plaque at Dollarama but you can find much the same thing at Dollar Tree, too.



I gave the plaque two coats of white acrylic paint using a foam brush.



I always like to lay things out to see how I like the placement of things before I make it permanent. I liked the leaf and pinecone placement but thought something more could be done with the acorns. The word “fall” is from one of the sheets of window clings I already had on hand.



I decided to use a clear glue, rather than Mod Podge to attach the window cling word.



To be sure I kept the word centred where I wanted it, I left it on the sign and lifted one end at a time to add the glue. Then I checked around the outside of the word, adding glue where need.



Sometimes, you wonder what you’re going to do with all the bits and pieces you’ve accumulated over time, but you never know when they might come in handy. I found this faux twig with small leaves in one of my fall craft bins and thought it would make a great accent on the sign. After trying it on for size, so to speak, I hot glued it in place so that it hung down the left-hand side of the plaque.



Next, I added hot glue to the back of the first acorn and glued it over the top part of the twig on an angle.



I hot glued the second acorn on an angle on the right side of the sign beside the word…





…and finished by hot gluing the three small leaves and pinecones at the bottom of the sign. 



I really like how this fall sign turned out. You can hang it on a wall, of course, but I rather like it perched on a picture stand. I think I’ll take the eye hooks and chain hanger off and save them for another project.


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