Decorate an Interior Door for Fall

Autumn and Thanksgiving

Decorate an Interior Door for Fall

All of those plain white doors in my home seem to beg for some kind of decorating help. An interior door near my front entrance seemed like the perfect canvas for a little fall-inspired decor. Here’s an idea that’s easy to copy and can be done with a minimum of time and effort.
Bring the outdoors in with a few small branches and faux leaves to decorate an interior door for fall.
Supplies Used:
  • four small found branches
  • 3-4 packages flat faux leaves (dollar store)
  • clear tape
  • two-sided tape squares
decorate an interior door for fall


Start by taping about four twigs to the top of the door on the left hand side near the corner. You want the twigs to mimic the look of a tree bough. Use two or three pieces of invisible tape to hold each twig in place. Don’t worry that the tape will show. You’ll be covering it up with leaves.


Use three or four bags of flat fall leaves and small squares of two-sided tape to attach the leaves to the branches.


Fill in your tree bough to the fullness you desire using the faux leaves.


Attach some of the leaves to the middle of the door as though they were falling and finish with a pile of leaves along the bottom edge of the door. I think my fall door makes a nice greeting for visitors who come by during the autumn months and I can leave it up until after Thanksgiving.


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