10 Quick Tips for Fall Decorating

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10 Quick Tips for Fall Decorating

If you want to add some autumn accents to your home quickly, try these 10 quick tips for fall decorating. All of the materials used came from a dollar store.

#1 Window Clings on Glass 


The quick application of a fall window cling onto a glass vase instantly transforms it into a candle holder worthy of the season. I used an LED candle in this vase. 

A taller vase with a base of river rocks supports a white wax candle that makes a neutral background for a fall leaf window cling.


Use seasonal window clings to decorate the glass in cabinet doors or dining room hutches.

#2 Quick Candle Update


A couple of stickers on these plain white LED candles instantly updates them for fall. When the season is over, they are easily removed to be replaced by the next season’s accents.

#3 Wall Stickers on a Plate


Make an easy fall decoration with a 7″ white salad plate and a sunflower wall sticker, both from Dollar Tree. Sit it on a shelf or mantel using a picture stand. You can change up the design on a plate like this for each new season.

#4 Miniatures & Cloches



The miniatures from Dollar Tree are perfect for filling those small cloches you can also find at Dollar Tree. You can see the easy tutorial for more fall cloches here.


#5 Gather Natural Elements


The natural elements all around us are free for the taking and make for easy fall decorating. A combination of small pine cones and acorns in an attractive dish makes a quick and easy decorating accent for fall and winter.

#6 Inexpensive Entertaining

A holiday place setting need only hint at the occasion. We highlighted this white dinner plate by using a paper napkin as a placemat. This 3-ply dinner sized napkin, which came in a package of 15, contains an autumn red that fits in well with the season. 

The napkins add a hit of colour and will help to protect your good tablecloth from spills, making clean-up easier.

#7 Easy Leaf Garland

All you need for this garland is a length of twine and a couple of packages of faux leaves with wire stems. 


Bend the stem of each leaf back behind the leaf.


String some twine across your mantel or along a wall and just hook each individual leaf over the twine until you have a full garland. It’s just as easy as that. 

#8 Fruit and Faux Leaves

A low basket, filled with apples and interspersed with faux leaves, makes an attractive autumn display while the fruit is waiting to be eaten.

#9 Scarves as Throw Blankets

You can add a layer of warmth to your home inexpensively by using wide scarves in place of throws. We liked this green plaid scarf with tassels and it only cost $3 at my local dollar store. Great for throwing around your shoulders or over your legs, if you feel chilly, too.

#10 Vase Bookends

Use heavy-based square vases as a bookends and fill them with accents to suit the season. Here, we’ve used a base of small faux leaves topped with a fall pick, to welcome the fall season. If your vase needs some extra weight, use coloured marbles or stones in your bookend.


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