Make Your Cloches and Snow Globes Unique Using Window Clings

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Make Your Cloches and Snow Globes Unique Using Window Clings

As a lover of miniatures, it’s no surprise that I like the small domed cloches and plastic snow globes that can be found at dollar stores. Both pieces offer the crafter a range of decorating possibilities.

Here’s how to make your cloches and snow globes unique using window clings.

Candle Cloche No. 1

Supplies Used:

  • domed cloche (Dollar Tree)
  • gold spray paint
  • long window cling (Dollarama)
  • LED votive candle (Dollar Tree)



Love these small cloches you can buy at the dollar store. I had spray painted the base of this one white. This year, I spray painted the bases using one of my favourite Christmas colours, gold. 



I bought these window clings at Dollarama years ago. I noticed that the store has some of the same ones this season, as well.

Quick tip: If you have window clings that won’t cling anymore, a quick rinse and gentle rub under the tap will remove any dust or other debris that may have accumulated on the clingy side. Then, just pat the cling dry and it will work like new again.



I cut one of the long holly clings to fit around the bottom of one of my cloche domes. Make sure to leave enough space at the bottom of the dome so that the cling doesn’t interfere with it fitting onto the base. Of course, the good thing about window clings is that they are infinitely repositionable.

In the background you can see that I used the other half of this window cling around the base of a cylinder vase. Use it for flowers or a larger LED candle.



After spray painting the base of the cloche gold, all I had to do was place the LED votive candle on the base and attach the dome. Cute, festive and super easy. I think this candle was from Dollar Tree. It has the flickering flame effect.

Candle Cloche No. 2

Supplies Used:

  • domed cloche (dollar store)
  • LED votive candle (Dollarama)
  • 7″ piece wired pine stem (stash)
  • faux berries (stash)
  • small snowflake window clings



Form the pine stem into a ring around the candle on the base of the cloche.



Cut a few berry clusters from the larger stem and glue them all around the pine at intervals. Be careful to attach them to the top of the pine, away from the edge of the base.



I used my detail scissors to trim the faux pine, so that it didn’t interfere with the cloche dome fitting onto the base properly.



I applied the snowflakes from a large sheet of window clings I had in my stash, all around the outside of the plastic dome.


This LED votive lights up from the bottom. It’s from a set of three I found at Dollarama last year. 



I absolutely love the way this one turned out!

Waterless Snow Globe

Supplies Used:

  • plastic snow globe (dollar store)
  • Christmas figurine (Dollarama)
  • small snowflake window clings (stash)
  • piece of faux pine (stash)
  • hot glue
  • thin ribbon (stash)



The snowflake window clings are from a sheet of larger window clings I had in my stash. The snowman figurine is approximate 2 1/4-inches tall and 1 1/2-inches wide.



After hot gluing my snowmen onto the middle of the plastic insert, I glued a piece of pine behind them as an accent. I cut it so that it sits above the heads of my snow people.



Next, I put the snow globe together and applied some of the snowflake clings so that they made a frame around the figurine. I didn’t want to bother filling it with water and faux snow, but you could do. 



Then I spread out the remaining snowflakes around the outside of the globe and hot glued a thin piece of Christmas ribbon around the white base.



This is a good way to use smaller window clings to fine effect. I love the way this snow globe decoration turned out. It will make a lovely Christmas accent on a bookshelf or side table.


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