Two Fun Things to do With Christmas Window Clings

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Two Fun Things to Do With Christmas Window Clings 

There are so many fun things to do with Christmas window clings. In fact, I had so many ideas, I thought it best to divide them into two different posts.

I found these Christmas window clings at Dollarama but other dollar stores or craft stores will have similar ones to choose from.

Two 21″ long window clings and one larger sheet I found, gave me plenty to work with, as you’ll see.

Christmas Vase Wraps

Supplies Needed:

  • Two long window clings (Dollarama)
  • One large window cling (for the snowflakes 😉 )
  • three cylinder vases of different heights (on hand)



You can see where I cut this window cling to fit the first vase. I put this window cling on the tallest vase.



It takes a bit of patience to get it wrapped around the vase so there are no creases, but the result is worth the effort. Stay tuned to see how my vases looked grouped together.




Love this Christmas tree window cling. I’m only using the snowflakes off of this one. The Christmas tree will be used in a later project.


This is very easy to do, as you just have to figure out where you want each snowflake to go on your vase. I used the largest ones first and then filled in the gaps with the smaller snowflakes.

Originally, I used the snowflakes on the second tallest vase, then decided they worked better on the shortest vase.


I forgot to take a picture of this pine bough window cling before I cut it but it was the same length as the Christmas village one. Again it takes a bit of patience to get it wrapped around the vase so it lays flat. This is the second tallest vase.



Here are the three vases in a grouping. I’m using LED candles. I’m not sure how the heat from real candles would affect the plastic window clings.




I love how the light from the candles enhances the patterns on the window clings.

Christmas Trivet

Supplies Used:

  • glass cutting board, approx. 8 x 8 inches (Dollar Tree)
  • remaining piece of Christmas village window cling
  • X-acto knife
  • Mod Podge



Dollar Tree has these glass cutting boards in their kitchen section. I thought it would make a great trivet for my Christmas table.



Turn it over and remove the plastic feet. Remove any residue left behind. Set these aside. You will be re-attaching them later.


Add Mod Podge to the underside of the glass trivet. I found that my design look cloudy when I was over generous with the glue. However, after a couple of days the cloudiness cleared. I recommend only applying it to the edges to hold the cling in place.

Attach the piece of window cling with the pattern side down. You want the sparkly bits to show through the top.


Use a craft knife to trim around the edges of your trivet, using the edge of it as a guide.



Re-attach the plastic feet at each corner. I used Mod Podge for this, too.



Now you have a pretty Christmas trivet to use on your holiday table!

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