10 Kitchen Necessities to Stock up on Before Christmas

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Ten Kitchen Necessities to Stock Up On Before Christmas

With the busy holiday season upon us, we may all be going through more foil wrap and storage bags than normal, what with Christmas baking, hosting and gifting.

In the past, products like these from a dollar store weren’t of a very good quality. These days, you can get necessities like plastic wrap and aluminum foil at Dollarama that are of a much better quality. 

I don’t buy the following kitchen necessities anywhere but Dollarama. Here are my fave ten kitchen necessities to stock up on before Christmas.

Note: If you buy things like this in bulk, you’ll probably get a better deal, but for people like me who don’t have the space to store ten giant rolls of foil wrap and don’t have the money to pay for so much at once, there’s nothing like a quick trip to Dollarama for stocking up on these kitchen basics.

You may also find these products for a bit less at places like Walmart, which is important if you have a family. 

Aluminum Foil

Betty Crocker is a very recognizable brand with quite a few kitchen-related products at Dollarama. Their foil wrap comes in a 75 sq. ft. roll for $3 and it’s as strong as any I’ve tried. Wrap up you left-over turkey and/or ham in this foil for storage in the fridge.

Freezer Bags


I love these Slide Seal bags. They’re great for freezing leftovers, if you get tired of turkey, and they’re thick enough to do the job for which they’re intended. These bags come in three sizes with these large ones costing $1.50 for 8 bags.

Kitchen Organics Bags


During the holidays, we’re all likely to be filling our kitchen compost bins more often. These compostable kitchen organics bags by Hercules haven’t let me down yet. You get 16 bags for $3.00.

Plastic Wrap


I have found Betty Crocker’s Stretch and Seal plastic wrap to be as good as the major competitors. It costs $1.50 for 100 feet of wrap at Dollarama and it’s micro-wave safe, so you can use it to cover plates and bowls when reheating leftovers.

Wax Paper



Wax paper is something else you may go through more of during the holidays. I only pay $1.50 for 33 feet of waxed paper at Dollarama.

Kitchen Garbage Bags


Before I switched to reusable grocery bags, I’d use the plastic bags from grocery shopping in my step-on kitchen garbage can. Now, I buy these. Not super strong, but they don’t have to be for what I put in them and I like the convenient built-in ties when it comes time to take out the garbage. The best part is these garbage bags only cost $1.25 for 20 bags.

Dish Soap

Not everything we own can be thrown into the dishwasher. Those once-a-year gold-rimmed plates and the sterling silver flatware need to be washed by hand when the holiday feast is over. I like Palmolive Original. It gets the job done and only costs $1.25 for the 14 oz. size. Dollarama does stock different brands, sizes and scents, if those are what you prefer.

Scrubbing Sponges 

They’re not as big as others I’ve seen, but these sponges get the job done nicely, thank-you very much, and you can’t beat the price. They only cost $1.25 for ten sponges. These sponges with the scrubbers on the reverse, are great for washing non-stick surfaces.

Parchment Paper

If you’re baking a lot of cookies this holiday season, parchment paper will keep those baked goods from sticking and make them easy to remove from the baking tray. You can get ten sheets of cookie-sheet sized Betty Crocker parchment paper and it doesn’t curl up at the edges after being in the oven like other parchment papers I’ve tried.

Scouring Pads


There’s nothing like a scouring pad for tackling the heavy duty jobs like greasy roasting pans. At Dollarama, these come in a package of four.


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