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Organizing Kitchen Cupboards

What lurks behind the closed doors of your kitchen cupboards? Can you find what you’re looking for easily or are you wasting time sifting through a lot of stuff you no longer use in order to find the cleaner or pan you’re looking for?

If you’re like me, it can get crazy in there! But help is here! When you’re doing your usual cleaning and sorting this fall, let the dollar store help you organize those areas in your cupboards that tend to become disordered over time simply because they’re not constantly in plain sight.



I still store my baking pans in the drawer under the stove. Admittedly, that makes for quite a jumble and a lot of clanging about as I retrieve the cookie sheet or muffin tin I require.

This multi-use plastic coated wire rack was found at Dollarama. It’s very solidly made and has rubber-tipped feet to help prevent sliding. One or two of these 10-inch long racks will help to organize your baking pan storage in a cupboard. Each section is about 2 1/2″ wide, which is wide enough to handle most types of pans.


It’s advisable to only keep what you need for kitchen cleaning under your kitchen sink. Then contain them in this handled plastic bin. The bin measures about 14 by 9 ½-inches by 5-inches deep, keeps cleaners from being pushed to the back of the cupboard and helps to keep the shelf clean by containing any drips. Simply slide it out for easy access to cleaning needs.

Use plastic flower pots to contain smaller items like extra sponges, scrubbers and/or brushes. Just make sure to choose pots with no drainage holes in the bottom, especially if you’re using them to store wet things like just-used rubber gloves.

A dry food storage container also makes a stylish place to keep your dishwasher detergent, whether you use powder or tabs. The plastic container will ensure that your powder stays dry in the event of a leaky pipe, heaven forbid!



Keep you teas and other boxed beverages handy where you store your mugs. An inexpensive under shelf rack like this one simply slides onto the shelf above to create a little extra space in the cupboard. It’s constructed of plastic-coated wire.

Depending on where you use them, these racks can be used to store napkins, extra tea towels or other light kitchen essentials.