Decorate a Lantern for Christmas


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Decorate a Lantern for Christmas

Lanterns are a common decorating theme during the Christmas season. It’s an easy thing to add some seasonal sparkle to a lantern you may already have on hand.

Here’s how to decorate a lantern for Christmas, Dollar Store Style.


This is the lantern I made in the fall. Here’s the tutorial for making an all-seasons lantern. However, any lantern you have on hand can be decorated for the Christmas season. 

The rest of the supplies used were as follows:

  • 2 wired pine bough strips (on hand)
  • berry garland (dollar store)
  • set of 3 small (Dollarama) or one large LED candle (Dollar Tree)
  • pine picks (from vase filler at Dollar Tree)
  • berries cut from a stem
  • small ornaments or bells
  • fabric or other Christmas ribbon (optional)



I twisted two of the wired pine boughs together to give them a fuller look.



Next, I wrapped some berry garland around the length of the greenery.



As you can see, I opted for using a gold coloured berry garland on the greenery, too. The greenery didn’t quite fill the base of my lantern but the gap will be at the back and the candles I’m using will hide it. If this is an issue, you could add another pine branch.



This is the LED candle set I’m using. These work well on a flat base such as my lantern has.



After I put in my candle set, I set two small pine picks in the front of them and glued some berries to the centre of the picks.


Some small ornaments or bells, added to the base, helps to add some colour. Pinecones are another great option to include.



I decided to hot glue some fabric ribbon onto the top and bottom edges of my lantern, as the squared edges offered a perfect surface for this kind of decoration.



Here’s what my Christmas lantern looks like lit up and sitting by the door ready to welcome visitors.


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