Add Some Christmas Sparkle to Your Switch Plates

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Add Some Christmas Sparkle to Your Switch Plates

Builder grade light switch covers are totally uninspiring. Granted, they’re not usually the centre of attention, but people do sometimes switch them out for something more decorative. I could do that too but, as I live in a rental, I don’t want the bother of replacing them with the originals again when it’s time to move out.

Still, as a crafter, I sometimes see these everyday nonentities as blank canvases. Everything else gets decorated for Christmas, so why not the switch plates? 

The Blank Canvas



I thought a double switch plate cover would be a good subject for my experiment. I gave it a good cleaning before I started. You don’t even need to take it off the wall.

The Supplies


I experimented with a few Christmas stickers and ended up using these 3D poinsettia stickers I found at Dollarama and some coordinating Christmas tape I had on hand. The stickers are glittery, to add some sparkle.

Decide on the Placement of Your Stickers



I tried a few different placements, including diagonally, but liked the way these stickers looked in a straight row between the light switches. The stickers are small enough that they don’t interfere with the operation of the switches.

Add Christmas Tape



The last thing I did was to add two strips of coordinating tape on either side of the switch plate. This very simple exercise elevated my light switch from bland to beautiful.

I’m not going to do this to every switch plate in my home, but dressing up the one in the powder room that people will be using Christmas Day, is a nice touch, I think. I also did the same thing to the switch plate in the dining room. 

When Christmas is over, I can simply peel the stickers and tape off of the switch covers. If the stickers you’re using are a bit difficult to get off, use a blow dryer or heat gun to loosen the adhesive so they’ll come off easier. 

Get creative and do something similar for any season!

Decorate a Removable Hook


Applying a flat sticker to a plain Command hook is a simple way to give the hook a bit of holiday pizzazz. Again, no harm, no foul. This sticker should easily peel off after the holidays so you can keep using it in its current location or reuse it somewhere else.


Dress Up Your Room Deodorizer


A bathroom deodorizer need not be hidden away. Make it part of the Christmas decor by adding some puffy stickers! Since this is a pine scented room deodorizer, I chose some tree stickers.

You could easily do something similar for any season with any of the above items! 


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