How to Decorate Using Dollar Store Stickers

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How to Decorate Using Dollar Store Stickers

Most kids love stickers and kids grow into adults who still like to play with stickers. Only, instead of Disney princesses and super heroes, our tastes run more to decorative themes.

Colourful stickers, whether intended for scrapbooking or to decorate laptops and walls, can also be used in other ways. Make your possessions stand out from the ordinary by stamping your own personality onto them using the stickers you can find in dollar stores. Here are some suggestions.


One of a set of two laptop stickers was used to decorate this iPad cover…

and the other half of the set adds a little pizzazz to a plain vase.

You can decorate a boring journal cover by creating a collage or scene using small scrapbook stickers and borders or use one large sticker. This six-inch dog sticker was part of a set intended to decorate a green bin. (Who knows!) I think it looks better on my journal.

Dress up a mirror using a few laptop stickers. Be sure to think about where you want the stickers positioned because, although not impossible to remove, they won’t easily come off once stuck to glass and mirror surfaces.

At the dollar store where I shop, you can get a large sheet of wall stickers. Consider dressing up your refrigerator, instead of a wall. I used these on the side of the fridge that faces the front door.

If you don’t like how it looks, the stickers are easily removable and can be reused somewhere else. Just be sure to save the backing they came on for easy storage. Some of the wall stickers sets have smaller pieces like flowers and butterflies that could be used on their own to decorate smaller surfaces like the ones already mentioned.

There’s really no end to the possibilities, once you start thinking about it.


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