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Dollar Tree usually carries these small floor mats in black, so when I saw these green ones I grabbed a couple. People have used these to create cushion covers, which is a great idea I may copy. I was also thinking they would make lovely wall hangings. Stay tuned…

Dollarama has these geometric metal and glass hanging candle holders that I think are really classy looking. I’ve seen these in two sizes lately.

Found these ceramic, 4-inch pillar candle holders at Dollar Tree. Don’t like the dark colour? Give ’em a coat of paint to suit your own style. I discovered that acrylic paint works just fine, but you will need three coats to cover them completely.

I found this beautiful embossed fabric at Dollarama. It comes on a roll 6 feet 6.78 inches long by 14.2 inches wide and comes in different colours and patterns for four bucks. I’m thinking table runner or placemats. 

Both of these pretty trinket trays were found at Dollar Tree. I often find treasures like this among the less lovely things on their shelves. These would make great stocking stuffers for a female family member (but I’m keeping the gold feather for myself!).

Now’s the time to be on the lookout for beautiful items to add to Christmas gift baskets. I would say this candle fits that description perfectly. I found it at Dollarama for $4. 

This wireless charger cost $4 at Dollarama. I find that it works good when it’s plugged directly into a charging port, as opposed to a USB hub attached to your computer.

This lovely plate is made of study plastic and in the neutral style that’s so popular now. It’s a good size, too, making it perfect for serving snacks at your next fall gathering. Find it at Dollarama.

Dollarama has some reusuable produce bags that will save landfills from all of those small plastic bags from your neighbourhood grocery store. They have a drawstring closure and measure 1.8 – inches by 15 – inches. At $1.25 each, you can afford to get as many as your family may need. 


A grouping of decorative plates is a wonderful way to decorate an empty wall. I found these plate hangers at Dollarama, reasonably priced at $1.50 for a package of two. 

The buyers at Dollar Tree are fast winning my approval for sourcing simple, elegant décor such as this metal feather. It’s about 8 3/4-inches tall, including the base. And lest you think it’s flimsy, think again. It’s not.

Why buy your tchotchkes from expensive home stores, when you can find things like this at a dollar store for $1.25?

Betty Crocker has added a new product at Dollarama, a six-inch cast iron fry pan. A fry pan this size comes in handy for melting butter, frying one egg or any number of other jobs and the $4 price tag makes it a great deal.


Dollar Tree, like every other store on the planet, has been stocking things for Valentine’s Day. I absolutely love this gold-coloured heart-within-a-heart ornament. It’s only 4 x 4 inches, but, in my humble opinion, packs a big punch. Finds like this reinforce my belief that you don’t have to pay big bucks to find lovely things that, to quote Marie Kondo, “spark joy.”

Still on the subject of towels this week. These LinenCorp 100% cotton tea towels are a generous size at 24 by 35 inches. They come in a variety of colours, too. If you want to refresh your tea towels for the new year, head on over to your nearest Dollar Tree and nab a few of these. 

Most of us could always use more storage, especially post-holidays. This collapsible bin opens up to 18.5 by 14.75 inches and is 9.5 inches deep. The bins come in black or white and cost $4 each at Dollarama.

This smart phone ring makes it easier to hold, makes a great carry handle and you can stand it up on a surface when you’re watching a video. There’s also a mounting hook for the car included. It costs $2.50 at Dollarama and would make a great stocking stuffer for someone on your list.

Looking for other stocking stuffer ideas? Check out my new blog post: https://dollarstorestyle.comblog/ten-great-stocking-stuffers-from-the-dollar-store 

If you haven’t yet trimmed the tree, check out your dollar store. You can find beautiful ornaments that you can mix and match to suit your taste. These cardinal and winter tree ornaments are some of the prettiest ones I’ve seen in a dollar store and there are others, just as nice. The ornaments pictured cost $2 each at Dollarama.

You can find these attractive coasters at Dollarama for $1.25 for the set of four. They come in a few different patterns, are sturdily made and would make a great addition to any gift basket you may be putting together.

For four bucks, you can greet guests at your front door with a cheery Christmas door mat. These come in various designs and are 18.1 by 29.9 inches in size. The top is 100 percent polyester and the backing is made from recycled rubber. 

If you’d like to add some autumn scents to your home, these six-inch pillar candles by Watson Candles could be just what you’re looking for. The red one smells like berries and the dark green one is called “Fireside,” although it doesn’t smell smokey or anything. Indeed, although it’s pleasant enough, I can’t say what it smells like. 

Each candle costs $3.50 at Dollarama.

Here’s a light that can be added anywhere you may need it and comes with a remote control. I overheard a lady in Dollarama telling her friend that she bought two to put under her kitchen cupboards and really liked them. She also said that one remote works both lights. Each stick-on light with remote costs $4.

I will always say that reinventing old cushions with cushion covers is the way to go. That way you don’t end up with a closet full of seasonal throw cushions.

However, when I saw this cushion at Dollarama, I couldn’t resist. Not only is the tropical pattern on-trend, it’s a full-sized cushion with an oh-so-soft polyester covering. At four bucks each, you can afford to splurge on a couple of new sofa cushions once in a while.

I saw these cushions in navy blue and brown tones, as well. 


If you’re one of those people who love the look of industrial elements in your home, this is for you. I found these table lamps at Dollarama. They are battery-operated (batteries are extra). I forgot to check the price on these, but you won’t pay any more than four bucks each.


Add elegance to your Christmas entertaining with these classy Christmas glasses available in two
styles at Dollarama. Besides the leaping reindeer silhouettes, there were some with gold snowflakes on them, as well.

I don’t think you could find a better price than four bucks for 16 pieces of silverware. I only saw these with red handles in the Dollarama I was in; there may be different colours in different locations, but don’t quote me on that! I think the decorative pattern on the handles is a nice touch.

Found this decorative curtain rod at Dollarama for four bucks. It has a 5/8 – inch diameter and the length extends from 48-84 inches. That’s pretty darn cool. It came with three brackets and enough screws and anchors to mount it, but I already had some decorative brackets up so I just used them.

I love nature-themed pieces and this pretty serving bowl, found at Dollarama, can hold it’s
own even when it’s sitting empty. The bowl is generously sized at 17-inches long to the tip of the stem and would make a great gift. No one would ever guess it only cost $4.

Love these succulent picks! Dollar Tree has a wide assortment of them. Gather four or five of your favourites in different heights, the flower pot of your choice filled with small river rocks and just poke these picks into the rocks in an arrangement that pleases you.

If you like the looks of these wood-look lanterns, you might do well to grab a couple while you can. They cost four bucks each at Dollarama. Pick up some batteries, too, because they’re equipped with led candles.

This 11-inch metal birdcage costs four bucks at Dollarama. It has a latch that let’s you open
the top so you can insert a plant or whatever else takes your fancy and a loop for hanging. It’s never to early to start snatching up gems like this for the spring and summer season.

Found this string of battery-operated pine cone lights at Dollarama for three bucks. These unique mini lights come in sets of ten.

Wow! These faux leaves are at least twice as big as their previous dollar store incarnations. Go ahead and add a touch of the tropical to your home. Found at Dollarama.

Some dollar store tea towels are smaller than the tea towels you’ll find in other department
stores, but they can make great substitutes for more expensive cloth napkins. I folded this one in threes so that the embroidered message is front and center.

(See how to make the sleigh ornament here.)

With autumn fast approaching, I thought I’d showcase these lovely linen-look fabric tablecloths in fall colours. They’re 52 by 70-inches in size and have hemmed seams, rather than the scalloped edges you see on other fabric tablecloths from the dollar store. Dollarama sells these for $4 each.

If you don’t need a new fall tablecloth, think about other things you could make using this fabric.

Found this plastic stool at Dollarama for four bucks. You could use it for extra seating or a side table either inside or outside. It come in dark brown as well as this beige colour.