Refresh the Powder Room for Less

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Six Quick Tips for the Powder Room

Looking to redo your powder room on a squeaky-tight budget? It’s easy to refresh the look of any bathroom using these six quick tips for the powder room.

Add a Wall Hanging

I was inspired to go with something nature-inspired for my powder room. I know macrame is big but it doesn’t fit my style. Here’s my take on an alternative to a macrame wallhanging. I had purchased the long leafy stems at Dollarama, but I noticed that they have similar pieces at Dollar Tree now.

Use a Gift Box for Storage

We all like to have an extra roll of toilet tissue near at hand but you can add a touch of class to that uninspiring necessity by housing it in a pretty round gift box.

Display Towels


An attractively packaged bar soap can be used as a decorative accent in the bathroom or powder room. Pick one in your chosen colour scheme and sit it on some folded towels on the back of the toilet tank.

While you’re only using the bar for display purposes, there’s the added benefit of always having extra soap on hand for those times you may run short.

Add a Decorative Window Covering


Dress your bathroom window simply and elegantly using a lace table topper folded in half and draped over the curtain rod. A pretty scarf might also serve the same purpose. 

Display a Candle

If you have a bit of counter space to fill, attractive vases are plentiful and inexpensive at the dollar store. I chose a low vase with a wide base that wouldn’t be easily toppled should someone
accidentally bump into it in my small powder room. 

Add some sand or pebbles, a pillar candle and a faux flower for an appealing display. For a cottage vibe, try using a large shell instead of the flower.

Dress Up the Wastebasket

Vinyl wall stickers will adhere to many other smooth surfaces as well as walls. Choose a sheet of stickers that has some small pieces so that you can use one to add some character to a plain plastic dollar store wastebasket.

These stickers can be easily removed, making it super easy to change graphics on a whim.


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