4 Easy Terrarium Ideas


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4 Easy Terrarium Ideas

Many of us are stuck at home most of the time during the pandemic (that’s a word I never thought I’d be able to relate to in my lifetime!), but, looking on the bright side, it’s a great time to get creative making pretty terrariums.

If you are a crafter, you probably already have many of the materials you’ll need to create some pretty accent pieces. 

Terrariums are popular decorative items and, if you follow my lead, very easy to put together and enjoy, especially if you skip the hassle of real plants and rely on the fake variety.



For these terrarium ideas, you will need to gather a few supplies, namely:  

  • glass vases, various sizes and shapes
  • mini garden figurines (optional)
  • sheet moss
  • faux succulents
  • a wood skewer
  • spray of faux flowers and assorted greenery

These are just a few suggestions, however, the basis for all of the terrariums is sheet moss. I like this type of moss for its thickness. It provides a stable base by allowing you to poke florals down into it.

Simply Succulents 


This first example highlights succulents. I simply trimmed the stem of a larger succulent pick so that, when inserted into the moss, the top of it reaches just above the rim of the vase. Then, I inserted four smaller picks around the bottom of it.



Two of the faux succulents in the base were pulled from a larger succulent pick. The other two actually began as fridge magnets that I found at the dollar store. These mini succulents easily pull off of their magnetic bases. 



I broke off pieces of a wooden skewer to replace the original base so that I could make them stand up straight by poking them into the moss.

Glassed-In Mini Garden


This terrarium utilizes a medium sized glass fish bowl vase. Beginning with a layer of sheet moss, I arranged a gazebo and a miniature figure on the moss base and added a mini faux succulent and bits of greenery cut from a larger piece. 



I found that placing some greenery behind the gazebo helped to balance out my arrangement. 

Pretty In Pink


This terrarium starts out with about a quarter inch of moss for the base, into which I stuck various lengths of faux flowers. The tallest flower peeks out just above the rim of the vase.

Adding miniature animal figurines (this deer is from my collection) adds a whimsical touch when making pretty terrariums.

Flight of Fancy


I used a 9-inch tall cylinder vase for the next terrarium. Digging through my stash of faux florals produced two green stems. I glued a butterfly onto the grassy stem and the second stem came topped by a pink daisy. 



Arrange the stems into the vase on top of the moss base so that the butterfly seems to be attracted to the flower. Then drop a short bunch of flowers in the same colour as the daisy, into the bottom of the vase to balance the arrangement. 


Making pretty terrariums has never been easier! I hope you’ll use these ideas as templates for your own creations, using whatever materials you have on hand and I’d love to see what you come up with!  Send your jpegs to marlene.alexander@sympatico.ca 


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