Easy Summer Centerpieces

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Easy Summer Centerpieces

With the warmer weather on its way, many of us feel the need to lighten up our indoor spaces. Make one of these easy and inexpensive vignettes the center of your dining experience or top a coffee table to make an inviting area for tea and conversation.

Don’t be afraid to make use of smaller outdoor items. Garden birds, lanterns and other decorative summer pieces from the dollar store are all fair game for use inside, as well as out.


This grouping features a stone-look bird, a tea light lantern and some decorative twigs and stones in a tall cylinder vase. We snipped these twigs from a longer ornamental bunch, but you could also find suitable branches in your own backyard.

Add a couple of tall faux floral stems to the vase for a hit of color, if you wish.

Top a bright tray with a rock garden and a gazebo style lantern. Here, we’ve used a square dinner plate and three small potted faux succulents. 
This lantern also uses tea lights and it comes in different colors.

Extend the life of a floral bouquet and make a summery centerpiece with three different sizes of glass vases and some river rocks. Once your fresh flowers have started to wilt, snip the tops off of the ones that still look good and float them in water. Add a sprig of greenery from the bouquet to each vase and group them on a tray.