Using scarves in home decorating

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The Scarf As Inspiration

Using Scarves in Home Decorating 

Let’s try a little free association using the word “scarf”. Pirates, gypsies and magicians spring to mind. Dollar stores, possibly. Using scarves to dress up your home instead of your head, maybe not so much. But, at dollar store prices, these colorful headgear are worth a second look as home decorating accents.

This 41″ x 43″ scarf makes a nice covering for the dining room table in between family gatherings. We’ve accented it with candles and books. Use hardcover books you have on hand, (preferably in your chosen colour scheme), to stagger the height of one candle so that you have a visually appealing scene. 

Scarves make excellent toppers for those round accent tables.

Here, two scarves make a light and airy change for a winter-weary bedroom window. This window is about 39″ wide. (Use three or four scarves for a fuller look.) Curtain rings with clips would be ideal for hanging these curtains but paying up to $13 dollars for one package of 7 rings (how odd!) rather defeats the purpose of our budget-minded exercise. 

Instead, we hung our thrifty window dressings on a café rod by pinning medium-sized safety pins through the top of the scarf and doing them up around metal key rings.  We found these in the craft aisle at the dollar store and used two packages spaced about 6″ apart for our pair of makeshift curtains. If you don’t already have a ton of safety pins lying around, dollar stores have them, too.