A Wallhanging That’s Not Macrame

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A Wallhanging That’s Not Macrame

I remember macrame as being popular during the 70’s. Today, it’s enjoying a resurgence in popularity, and many crafters are making wallhangings and other crafts using this technique. I don’t dislike macrame, but it’s something that’s associated with boho design and that’s simply not my style.

In my search for an alternative wallhanging that fills the same amount of space as a large macrame piece, I was inspired to go with something nature-inspired. 

 Here’s What I Used:

  • 5 – 6 long hanging greenery stems (Dollarama)
  • small tree branch or large dowel (approx. 1/4-inches thick)
  • two large removable wall hooks (Dollarama)
  • wire cutters
  • spray paint (optional)


I found this tree branch in my local park where the Works Department was cutting back some trees and bushes along a path. I took it home and cut it down to the appropriate size for my purpose, in this case, 26-inches long.

These leaf stems are about 40-inches long at their longest point.

I spray painted the plain white hooks green. On reflection, I think brown would have been a better choice, but it’s not that important overall.

Location, Location, Location


The wall behind the toilet in my powder room is where I wanted to put the wallhanging. It measures about 33-inches wide. Measure and cut your branch or dowel to the size you need for your wall space.

Placement of Removable Hooks



I held my branch up against the wall to the height I wanted and made a mark in the approximate spots where the two hooks should be placed. Better advice is to use a measuring tape to be sure your hooks end up evenly spaced within your wall space.



Place the two hooks on the wall and rest each end of the branch in them.


Separate the Leaf Lengths



Use the wire cutters to separate each length of leaves from the main stems.


Hang the Greenery 



No glue needed! These floral lengths are wired at the ends. Simply bend the cut end into a hook and hang it over the branch!




I used three of the longest pieces I could find and placed one on each end and one in the middle to start.

Fill in the Gaps



Then I just kept adding more leaf lengths until I was satisfied with the way my alternative wallhanging looked. I think I decided, at this point, to remove a few of them. It all depends on what looks good to you.

The Finished Wallhanging



The finished wallhanging! It fills this blank space very well, suits my penchant for all things natural and can be further decorated as you please. Drape it with lights, use clip-on flowers to match whatever season we’re in or just leave it plain.


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