How to Make a Turkey Party Favour for Thanksgiving

Autumn and Thanksgiving

How to Make a Turkey Party Favour for Thanksgiving

For me, the fun part of hosting a family dinner is coming up with party favours.  For Thanksgiving one year, I came up with this playful and easy-to-make turkey party favour. 


You will need:

– mini glass canisters (enough for each guest) I found these at Dollarama in sets of three
– turkey faces and wings – clip art images found online (print turkey parts)
– pointy faux leaves (on hand)
– scissors
– glue dots or mini two-sided tape (on hand)
– small wrapped treats (I spent about $3 total)


Copy, print and cut out enough turkey faces and wings for each canister. Fill each canister with small treats and replace the lids.


Attach turkey faces to the front of the lid and the wings on either side of the canisters using two glue dots for each. Attach the leaf tail feathers to the back of the canisters using three glue dots or two-sided tape, as shown below.


I estimate that each of the nine party favours I made cost under a buck to make, including the treats inside.

The finished party favour is sure to bring a smile to the faces around the table, especially if there are children present. 


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