Ideas for fall entertaining

Autumn and Thanksgiving

Celebrating Autumn

Need some autumn inspiration? Try these easy ideas for decorating your home for fall that include a candle, a centerpiece and party favors.


Make one of your glass vases over for autumn. The felt leaf here came in a package of 20. Wrap a length of household twine around the leaf as shown here. This will ensure that it stays in place on the vase.

Next, wrap the twine around the vase and tie it securely in the back. Add a couple of thin twigs from your backyard to complement the leaf and slip in an appropriately colored candle.

We’ve used a Terracotta plant saucer turned upside down as a base for the candle. You could also use it right side up to hold a taller candle.

This table decoration was made quite inexpensively using a small woven basket, some dried grass filler, a small fake pumpkin, some faux leaves and artificial berries pulled from a fall leaf stem. Then we added a scarecrow pick to give the decoration a bit of height. If you have some real mini pumpkins on hand, you may want to use one of them.

Depending on the depth of the basket used, you may have to break off a bit of the scarecrow’s stick, as we did here, so that it sits at the appropriate height.

If you’re having company for dinner this fall, try this idea for party favors.


You will need:
– enough lidded glass spice bottles for each guest you expect (discard the
plastic inserts)

– paper muffin cups in the design(s) of your choice
– two-sided tape
– wide elastic bands
– raffia or twine
– blank sheet of address labels
– candy treats

Any type of candy “preserves” will do. I used fun-sized chocolate bars. A small piece of two-sided tape helps to hold the inverted muffin cup in place on the lid while you stretch an elastic band over it.

(Note: If you don’t have wide elastic bands, use the thin ones wrapped two or three times around the muffin cup. The idea is to hold it firmly in place.)

Now, tie a piece of raffia around the elastic band and gently flare the edges of the muffin cups. These muffin cups come in packages of 60 of one color for a buck so you might choose to work with two or three colors or patterns for variety.

Decide on the wording you want on your label. I chose “Mom’s Preserves.” It’s a joke on me because this is the closest to actually preserving something that I will ever come. By printing each guest’s name on the label this idea can also be used as a place card on your table. Pick a pleasing font like Bradley Hand ITC and print off a full sheet of labels just like you would address labels. That way you can simply peel and stick your label to your jar of candy preserves.

If you don’t normally keep blank address labels at home, just print your labels on a plain sheet of paper, cut out each label separately and use invisible tape to attach them to the jars. You could also hand-write your labels for a more personal touch.


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