Make Three Pretty Spring Decorations on the Cheap


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Make Three Pretty Spring Decorations on the Cheap

With winter in the rear-view mirror, I’m sure we’re all enjoying the warmer weather. Being able to go outside without getting all suited up in a heavy coat and boots is a real treat.

Springtime crafts are among my favourites to make. I hope you, too, enjoy making these three pretty springtime decorations on the cheap. 

Pretty Pedestal

You will need:

  • one 4-inch tall, wide top candle holder (Dollar Tree)
  • one 5-inch Terracotta plant saucer (Dollarama)
  • paint (I used white)
  • reindeer moss (Dollar Tree)
  • birds nest 
  • bird  (any dollar store)
  • greenery
  • hot glue


I saw these two candleholders in my Dollar Tree a few weeks ago. They come in white, too, but I ended up with these two black ones.



A Terracotta plant saucer makes a great topper for one of the candleholders.



I used Gorilla Glue hot glue to attach my two pieces together to make a pedestal and painted the whole thing white. The plant saucer and the candlestick complement each other so well. I think this pedestal looks like something I bought.



I can’t remember where I found this little nest. It already had three eggs in it. I hot glued some greenery and a little bird to the sides.



Next, I added a thin layer of reindeer moss to the top of the pedestal.



Add the decorated nest and put this springtime pedestal in a spot where it can take centre stage, such as a bathroom counter.



Another option for this pedestal is to turn it into a mini garden. Most of these items came from Dollar Tree.


Tiny House

You will need:

  • small wood birdhouse (approx. 3 1/4 inches tall)
  • paint (I used white and red)
  • sheet of peel and stick faux grass
  • wood bird cut out
  • small floral pieces
  • hot glue


The laser cut bird and other shapes, can be found at either Dollar Tree or Dollarama.


You can, of course, paint your birdhouse any colour you choose. I painted everything but the roof white. Be sure to do the edges of the roof, too.



Next, I cut out a strip of the faux grass, traced the outline of the roof onto the back of it and cut out the roof pieces.



The grass sheet is peel and stick but you will need to add some hot glue to the back of it to hold it in place. If the peak of the roof looks a bit bare, as mine did, just cut another thin strip of grass sheet and attach it to the peak. Then trim around the edges to tidy it up.



I had a paint pen on hand, so I used that to colour the little bird.



Attach the bird to the perch with a bit of hot glue where the body touches the perch and the wings touch the under part of the roof.



I thought I was done but then decided to add a bit of trimmed down greenery to the bottom edge of the birdhouse. It seems to be just the extra touch my birdhouse needed. Because of its size, this birdhouse would be a great piece to add to a tiered tray. 

Cloche Encounter

You will need:

  • plastic dome cloche
  • florals of your choice
  • half of small foam ball
  • small butterfly with clip (set of 3 at Dollar Tree)
  • reindeer moss
  • scissors
  • wire cutters
  • hot glue



I’m one of the many who love cloches, so when I found this plastic one at Dollar Tree, I was delighted.



I found that I needed wire cutters to cut through some of the floral stems I’d chosen. 



I cut the small styrofoam ball in half and then trimmed it down a little more so that it didn’t add any more height to my display than necessary. A craft knife can be used for both these jobs. Attach the styrofoam to the middle of the cloche base with some hot glue or a few small squares of two-sided tape.

Make sure to test to see that your floral pieces aren’t going to be too tall to fit under the cloche dome.

If, after you cut the stems down to the length needed, you are left with thicker bottom stems, you will also need some kind of tool for poking holes in the styrofoam to accommodate them. I found a set of two such tools with different sized points, at Dollar Tree.

Then add a drop of hot glue to each stem to hold them in place in the styrofoam.



After you have added enough florals to the styrofoam to make a pleasing display, clip the tiny butterfly to one of the stems. Then hot glue Spanish moss to cover the styrofoam and tuck more moss in around the edges of the cloche base to cover it.



I like the way my spring cloche turned out and I can see myself reusing it for other seasons and holidays, too.

These three pretty spring decorations can be enjoyed all summer.


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