Celebrate Easter with These Easy Bunny Crafts


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Celebrate Easter With These Easy Bunny Crafts 

I’m beginning to hear bird song again. It’s music to my ears, as well as a reminder that Easter will soon be here. 

I love all that spring has to offer. It heralds the arrival of warmer weather and new growth, as well as Easter gatherings.

Let’s celebrate Easter with these easy bunny crafts using the wood shapes from  the Dollar Tree.




Fur Easter

  • wood bunny shape
  • white mop head (Dollar Tree)
  • hot glue
  • scissors and craft knife


I had a small piece of this white mop cover left over from a couple of Christmas projects. It was just the right size to cover one of the wood bunny shapes. If you do this, know that, once you cut into one of these mop covers, you will have white fluff everywhere!



I hot glued the piece onto the wood shape and used scissors to cut off what I could of the excess, around the outside, saving some of the bigger chunks in case I needed to fill in any gaps.

You will have to turn the project over and switch to a small-bladed craft knife to get into all the curves.



Truth be told, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to find a bunny shape in there, but after I’d worked away at trimming for a few minutes, a fluffy bunny did appear!  I smoothed around the edges and dressed him up with a simple bow in black and white and he was done.

Moss Bunny

You will need:

  • wood bunny shape
  • green moss
  • hot glue gun
  • regular scissors
  • microtip scissors or craft knife



Here’s another messy one for you! Hot glue some moss onto one of the bunny shapes.



Use scissors to tame the moss in the middle of the bunny and  to trim as much as you can around the edges. Save some of the trimmed moss for patching spots that may have been missed by the glue gun.

At this point I had found these microtip scissors at Dollarama and they worked very well for trimming in the crevices between the ears and paws.



I added a contrasting bow and set the finished bunny on my tiered tray for a photo shoot.


Paper & Raffia Rabbits

Supplies needed:

  • two (or more) wood bunny shapes
  • patterned paper
  • coloured paper (raffia) ribbon  (Dollar Tree)
  • small white pompoms
  • glue stick
  • scissors
  • sandpaper or emery board
  • small buttons (optional)

I tried to decoupage some of the bunnies using napkins and mod podge but I didn’t like the results, so I dug into my printed paper stash and picked out a couple of pretty patterns.

Much easier! All you have to do is trace the shape of the bunny onto the back of the paper, cut it out and use a glue stick to attach it onto the wood piece. 

I’ve learned a lot watching the talented crafters on YouTube. I discovered that a good way to smooth the edges of a project like this is to use a bit of sandpaper. Even better, for small pieces like this, is an emery board! I found a large package of different sizes of emery boards at Dollarama for a mere $1.25. The smallest one was perfect for sanding down between rabbit ears and other crevices! 

You can reverse the bunny shape to face in a different direction, if you like. I found a package of raffia ribbon at Dollar Tree and chose the pink to make a contrasting bow for each bunny.



I tried finding some small white pompoms at a dollar store, but it seems everyone’s been grabbing them up for bunny tails! Anyway, I had some on hand to complete these two. You could also improvise by using bits of cotton balls to make the tails. 



I then searched through my button collection and glued a button to the middle of each bow.

These paper-covered bunnies would make great place cards for your Easter table just by writing the names of guests on each one.



You can make these bunnies stand up by gluing a wood tumbling tower block to the back of them.

Spring in a Box

For this idea, you will need:

  • 1 wood bunny shape to use as a template 
  • 5 x 7 inch recessed frame
  • long flower window cling (Dollarama)
  • sheet of brown craft paper
  • glue dots or two-sided tape squares
  • scissors
  • green moss
  • hot glue gun



I’m repurposing an old 5 by 7 inch frame I have that has a slightly recessed backing.



I found this long sheet of window clings at Dollarama. You can also get daffodils, lavender or a mix of all three on a single sheet.



Measure and cut a piece of the window cling to fit your frame. Do not remove the backing paper. It will be needed to give your picture a firm backing. 



To add some dimension, I hot glued some moss along the bottom edge of the tulips to stand in for grass. Cut and trim the moss to fit the way it looks best. Insert the picture into the frame.



Here’s how the frame looks so far.



I used one of the wood shapes to trace a bunny onto brown card stock (or whatever colour you choose) and cut it out. Then I gave it a contrasting bow with some thin ribbon from my stash. 



I placed some two-sided tape squares at strategic spots on the back of the bunny…



… and stuck it directly onto the front of the glass at the bottom of the frame to complete the look of a three dimensional picture.



You can use your individual bunnies on a tiered tray or set them on a mantel or shelf in a grouping.

I hope these ideas will help you to celebrate Easter with these easy bunny crafts.