Candles Ideas for Christmas

Christmas Ideas

Candle Ideas for Christmas

Candles are one of the most versatile decorating items there are. Plain and simple or all dressed up for the holidays, there’s nothing like candlelight for helping to create the right atmosphere.

Here are four candles ideas for Christmas that will help you set the tone for your Holiday celebrations.

Shot Glass Candles for Christmas

Materials needed:

  • 1 small tray
  • 3 shot glasses
  • 3 taper candles
  • Small puffy stickers (optional)
  • A length of mesh ribbon
  • Crystal vase filler ( Dollarama)
  • Two-sided tape



Fill three shot glasses three-quarters full of crystal vase filler and screw the taper candles into it until they stand up straight. Add small seasonal stickers to either side of the glasses, if you like. Cut a length of mesh ribbon long enough to weave around the shot glasses as a way to ‘tie’ your candle arrangement together.

I recommend securing the glasses to a tray with a bit of two-sided tape so your candles can’t be easily tipped over. This vase filler is only slightly less annoying to clean up than artificial snow. Believe me, I know.

Try grouping these tapers in different ways for different looks. For instance, you could group them close together or elevate them at different heights. Again, use two-sided tape to make sure everything stays in place.

I’m using this arrangement on a coffee table but it would look equally as nice down the middle of the dining room table or on a mantel

Pinned Down Candles for Christmas

Materials needed:

  • 2 pillar candles (colour of your choice)
  • Snowflake confetti
  • Large clear snowflake sticker
  • Pearl-headed straight pins, white and silver

For the first candle, use white pearl-headed straight pins to attach snowflake confetti to the candle. I used large pearl-headed pins, as there’s a sizeable hole in the centre of the snowflakes that the smaller pins slip right through.

The die-cut snowflake sticker on the second candle surprised me by actually sticking to the wax but, to be sure it stayed put, I secured grey pearl-headed straight pins to each point around the snowflake.

Clearly Christmas

Materials needed:

  • 12-inch and 9-inch cylinder vases
  • Small round vase
  • Crystal vase filler
  • 3 small Christmas candle rings
  • 2 taper candles
  • 1 votive candle


Fill the bottom quarter of the tall vases with crystal vase filler, add the small candle rings. Cut about two inches off the bottom of one taper candle so it will be the right length for the 9-inch cylinder vase. Push the candles down through the centre until they feel secure and stand up straight. 

Add enough vase filler to the round vase to make a base for the votive candle and candle ring.

Cookie-Cutter Candles for Christmas

Supplies Used: (all from Dollarama)

  • square glass dish 
  • Christmas figurine 
  • bag of crystal vase filler
  • wired pine stem
  • two Christmas cookie cutters
  • two tea lights

Turn your metal Christmas cookie cutters into accents for tea lights. Use any non-flammable material as a base on a deep glass plate. Here, I’ve used the crystal vase filler. 

You can use cookie cutters like you would candle rings but, with the help of the vase filler, you can also use them standing up. Balance the display with a Christmas figurine and a bit of greenery. All items were found at Dollarama.

WARNING: Metal conducts heat really fast, so don’t try to adjust the cookie cutters after the candles are lit. Keep this and all candle arrangements out of reach of kids and pets.


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