Art Ideas for Christmas

Christmas Ideas

Joy to the Walls

Art Ideas for Christmas

It’s relatively easy to create original artwork for the holidays. Whether you want to add joy to the walls, a shelf or the mantel, a few inexpensive supplies are all you need. Check out the following ideas, then let your imagination take you where it will.

Double Glass Trio

Supplies Needed:

  • 8 x 10″ double glass frames (I had three on hand)
  • 3-D medium-sized sticker sheet
  • roll of patterned basket wrap
  • small 3-D stickers



This type of frame has two sheets of glass, rather than a traditional backing. Remove the second piece of glass from the back of the frame and cut a piece of basket wrap to fit. Because the basket wrap has a tendency to curl up, hold it in place with small pieces of invisible tape where it won’t show.

Now replace the second sheet of glass on top of the basket wrap and secure with the tabs. Turn the frame back over and add the large stickers right onto the glass, as shown. These stickers came on a sheet with silver stars of varying sizes. I topped each tree with the appropriately sized star and decorated the largest tree with 3-D poinsettia stickers.


This art is made in a similar fashion to the first one, only using patterned wrapping paper between the two sheets of glass, instead of basket wrap. Decorate the largest tree with small puffy stickers.



For the third double glass frame, I used the basket wrap again and lay a strip of ribbon on top of it down the middle before replacing the back piece of glass. The reindeer and snowflake stickers came on the same sheet. All of the supplies for these three ideas were found at Dollarama.

Words of the Month


For this next project I used items from Dollar Tree:

  • 3 – 5 x 3 1/2″ frames
  • felt words 
  • wrapping paper I had on hand
  • craft glue

After some experimentation, I decided to swap out the gold wrapping paper for a white background. so that the backgrounds reflect the colour of the words, so I used some of the packaging material from a sticker set and traced one of the frame backings to make a white background for the third frame.

After cutting my papers into the appropriate size, I used craft glue to glue the festive words onto them and inserted them into the frames. Next, I embellished each sentiment with puffy stickers applied directly onto the glass.

These pieces can be displayed on a shelf or you could also hang them in a vertical line on a wall, as they come supplied with hangers. 


For an alternative way to mount these frames you will need:

  • a length of wire-rimmed ribbon
  • a thin piece of ribbon for hanger
  • a hot glue gun
  • scissors


Choose a ribbon pattern appropriate to the frames you’re using and line the frames up down the length of ribbon with about 3 to 4 inches between them. Cut the ribbon to the length needed.



Turn the frames upside down and, one at a time, apply hot glue to the raised edges of the frames in the middle of the frame and press the ribbon into place. I put glue on the top, in the middle and the bottom, making sure all the edges of the ribbon were secured.


Turn the top edge of the ribbon hanger over about 2 inches and glue the bottom edge. Use a thinner piece of ribbon to thread through the opening this makes and tie a knot. Position the knot inside the turned edge of the wide ribbon to hide it. This thin ribbon will be your hanger. 


When you’re sure everything is good and dry, your Christmas wall hanging is ready to display. I love command hooks for hanging seasonal items, as they are easy to remove when Christmas is over. 


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