New Christmas decor with old decorations

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New Ways with Old Decorations

Decorate for Christmas With What You Already Have

New is not always better and, although I’ll admit it’s hard to walk away from some of the fabulous new decorations you see in stores in November and December, It can be just as good to buy into your imagination instead.

After all, part of budget decorating is about using what you already have on hand in new ways. This is especially helpful at Christmas time when budgets are stretched just trying to make sure everyone on your list has an appropriate gift.

Here are four ways to decorate for Christmas with what you already have. I’m all about traditional colors but there’s no rule stating you can’t try these ideas using your own favorite hues.


Hanging Around the House

If you have Christmas artwork, try it in a new spot this year. For instance, if you usually hang it in the living room, you could put it by the front door to greet visitors as they enter.

See how to make this artwork here: https://dollarstorestyle.comwrapscraps/

Group of Three

Larger tree decorations, like these three five-inch ornaments, can stand up on a flat surface as well and look very nice perched on these glass candlesticks and grouped together.

Try this on a mantle, buffet table or shelf.

Branch of the Family

One year, I used this faux evergreen garland to hang numbered mini stockings for my take on an advent calendar. (See Quick Tips, Page 3 about half-way down the page.)

Recently, there’s been a trend toward hanging old family photos at Christmastime, so I scoured family albums for photos of grandparents, parents and the kids from past decades.

Hang the pictures on the garland using clothes pegs or Christmas-embellished mini clothes pins as here.

This should be a great conversation starter and maybe garner a few laughs, too. If you can find pictures of family members enjoying Christmases past, that’s even better.

Candle Ring Re-Do

Put an old candle ring on a white plate and nestle three ornaments in the center of it, instead of a candle. Add some contrasting ribbon to one of the ornaments. We chose gold and put two gold pine cone ornaments on one corner.