Make Your Own Fall Coasters for Next to Nothing

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Make Your Own Fall Coasters for Next to Nothing

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A few years ago, I bought some felt coasters from a dollar store that were shaped like flowers. That gave me the idea to make some coasters for fall using a package of felt leaves that I also found at the dollar store.

All you need to make some pretty fall coasters is a package of felt leaves and some tacky glue. I use Aleene’s tacky glue. This is the second season for my coasters and they have held up wonderfully well.




These felt leaves had some brown ones among them, but as I have dark wood furniture, I only used the green, orange, red and yellow leaves so my coasters would stand out better. You may want to use the brown leaves, too. It’s all a matter of what suits your style.

The larger leaves are about 3 1/2 inches from stem to tip, with the maple leaves being a bit smaller at 3 inches.

How to Glue The Leaves Together


I used three leaves of the same kind in three different colours for each coaster. You could use all the same colour for each individual coaster, if that’s your preference.

In this example, I used a small dab of tacky glue, to attach the stem of the red leaf just above the stem of the orange leaf. The dab of Aleene’s tacky glue at the tip of the red leaf is where I will attach the third leaf stem. The idea is to keep the centre of the coaster as flat as possible.

Make a Variety


I was able make three different styles of leaf coasters from the package I had.

Wow Guests


I guarantee that these coasters will catch the attention of your visitors. Not only are they useful, they’re also very decorative! And you can make quite a few coasters from one package for less than two bucks! 

Sets of two would make great party favours.


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