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Playing in the Leaves

Fall Leaf Decorating Ideas

Nothing says fall like the bright red, vibrant yellow and vivid orange of autumn leaves. These colors, perhaps more than any other, inform our choices for decorating at this time of year.

Here are four ideas for fall leaf decorating.

Apple Accent

There’s something comforting about apples because they’re so simple and unpretentious. Here we’ve displayed some in a small basket with a few fall leaves to make an attractive autumn display.

Vase Accent

We found a sheet of fall window clings at Dollar Tree and used some of the leaves on it to decorate glass vases.

Here, a cylinder vase used as a candle holder is given a fall makeover with the addition of a river rock base and window cling leaves.

Candlestick Toppers


You can top candlesticks with more than just candles. Use real of fake fruit, paired with faux leaves or even an ordinary floral pick. Simply bend the wire pick around so that it is under the foliage and out of sight.

Leafy Door

Interior doors seem to get little or no attention when it comes to decorating our homes. Here’s an idea for fall decorating that makes use of the blank canvas most doors offer. Try this near an entranceway.

You will need:

  • a collection of small branches (Don’t worry if you think they might be too long, as you will trim them to fit.)
  • pruning shears
  • two bags of faux leaves (I found some true-to-life ones at Dollar Tree)
  • invisible tape
  • glue dots or mini two-sided squares (Whatever you use should be easily removable.)

To complete:

1) Use the pruning shears to snip off about four small branches from a larger branch and trim the ends to the lengths you will need.

2) Use long pieces of tape to hold the branches on at the top of the door, arranging them to mimic a tree bough. One piece of tape at either end of the branch worked for us. Let the tips protrude from the surface of the door if they are inclined to. Notice that one branch reaches more than three-quarters of the way across the top of the door.

3) Using glue dots or small squares of two-sided tape begin adding the leaves. Start by covering the invisible tape on either side of the branches, then fill in the rest of the bough.

4) Get the look of falling leaves by attaching them as shown, gradually adding more until you get to the bottom of the door where you will make a thin pile along the bottom.