DIY Gift Baskets from the Dollar Store

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DIY Gift Baskets from the Dollar Store

‘Tis the season for frantic holiday shopping and credit card meltdowns. Or not. We do have a choice. We can surrender to the worry that this year’s gifts should measure up to the bounty of Christmas’ past or we can relax and realize that sometimes even Santa has to tighten that iconic black belt of his.

Maybe it’s cliched, but it really is true that it’s the thought put into a gift and not the price tag, that matters most. Making your own gift baskets is a terrific way to offset cost while personalizing a present that your recipient will truly appreciate.

The following suggestions for DIY gift baskets from the dollar store, are just that, suggestions. There are as many ways to put together presents, as there are people to give them to. So take a gander at these ideas to get you thinking about what the dollar store can do to help relieve both your stress levels and the strain on your wallet.



We’ll start with a perennial favourite, the ever-popular spa gift. Maybe you know a mom or grandma somewhere who loves to soak in the bathtub. This is just the ticket. It includes a bath fizzer, a three-pack of scented soaps, a loofah bath sponge and a scented candle. The cost, when purchased at a dollar store, is minimal and includes the attractive wire and plastic container. All it needs now is some basket wrap and a pretty ribbon to complete it for gift giving.


Mmmm, chocolate! This tray of tasty treats is just the thing for those who like to exchange gifts between families. It has something for everyone, including four individually sized Hersey’s chocolate packs, a chocolate chip cookie in an embossed tin, some Belgium truffles, a box of chocolate-coated cookies and some After Eight chocolates.

We also used some wrapped pieces of Belgium chocolate that came in a bag of 11 pieces. We scattered the balls and bells around the tray to fill in the gaps and added a couple of jingle bell ornaments, just for fun. 

Don’t forget to add a little tape in concealed spots to keep everything in place before you cover it in basket wrap. The whole lot is set on metal reusable Christmas tray.


Here’s something that would make a nice hostess gift. Start with a small silver tray. We taped a paper Christmas doily onto it and added two wine glasses, some cocktail napkins and some After Eight mint sticks. Then, we chose a flat reindeer ornament to add a little holiday sparkle. 


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