Ten Great Stocking Stuffers from the Dollar Store

Ten Great Stocking Stuffers from the Dollar Store

Wait…what? There’s only how many days left til Christmas?! If you’re like me, the main event always seems to sneak up on you before you’re quite ready. Stocking stuffers are last minute items you may be panicking about, but don’t worry, dollar stores have you covered. Kids are easy. A few small toys and games and some candy and you’re good. It’s the adult family members that have us racking our brains for ideas.

Here, then, are ten great stocking stuffers from the dollar store for the adult family members on your list.

Keep ’em Warm

You can’t go far wrong with a warm pair of gloves or a scarf. I bought a pair of these in the ladies size last winter and they’re still doing the job. I like the stitching on the cuffs and the button embellishment.

Electronic Goodies

These days, everyone has a cell phone. This smart phone ring makes it easier to hold, makes a great carry handle and you can stand it up on a surface when you’re watching a video. There’s also a mounting hook for the car included. 

I have one of these on my cell phone and my tablet and love the convenience of being able to carry both on one hand by slipping a finger through the rings.


Teens can be so hard to buy for, especially the boys. I found this Bluetooth mini speaker for $4 at Dollarama that I’m hoping he’ll appreciate.



If someone you know could use some new earphones, these are a good bet. They come in different colours and only cost $4 at Dollarama.


A runner could find these sport ear clips very useful for keeping their earbuds in place while jogging.

Shine On


My family has had a variety of different types of flashlights from me over the years, so I think I’ll skip it this year. Still, a small purse-sized flashlight is always a good idea to have on hand, “just in case.” And there are other types of lights that are stocking-sized, too.

Kissably Soft



I always carry a lip balm with me. Lips tend to dry out fast in the winter, especially, and  a tube of lip balm is an easy way to help fill all of the stockings on your list. 

Travel Companion



Know someone who loves to travel or will be travelling soon? This little gadget will help them to know what their luggage weighs so they’re not being surprised by overage charges at the airport. 


Dresser Help


This cute little kitty on its ceramic tray will help to keep m’lady’s rings from getting lost when she takes them off at night. Dollar Tree usually has a cute assortment of trinket trays on hand.

Sweets, Of Course

Last, but not least, chocolate! Kids aren’t the only ones who love sweets and, as you can see, dollar stores do stock some brand names. They’re priced less than at other stores, too so pick up one or two of each person’s favourites from the candy aisle. 


Cruise all the aisles of your local dollar store to see what other small things your family could use or would appreciate. Believe me, there’s a lot to choose from. 


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