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Gifts With Class For A Lot Less Cash

Take a closer look at what’s in those gift baskets appearing in department stores everywhere. You’ll see mugs, beverages and snacks, candle holders and candles and bath products. The dollar store has all of those things and many more potential gift ideas. All you have to do is put them together for unique presents that will look great but cost half the price of their department store counterparts.

Here’s how to spend less but give beautiful Christmas gifts from the dollar store.

1. Prepare. List each person you want to buy for and what you would like to get for them. Get inspiration from department store or cataloge gift basket selections. 

2. Start early. The next time you’re in the dollar store and you see something that fits one of your gift ideas, pick it up. In this way, you spread the spending out over a few weeks and save yourself last minute worry.

3. You want your gift items to sit up near the top of the gift basket or box so be eco-friendly and save the paper that the store wraps your breakables in to build up the bottom of boxes or baskets before you add the tissue paper and gift items. 


Round gift box packed with an assortment of chocolate,

a snowman spoon rest and a holiday pick.

4. Choose carefully. I always look for things that remind me of something I’ve seen in more expensive stores. For instance, a large bag of potpourri paired with a shapely vase would make a lovely hostess gift.

Hostess gift with a vase, potpourri and gift bag

5. Remove or disguise labels that identify something as being from a dollar store. You don’t need to be ashamed that you shopped at the dollar store, but you don’t want to be obvious about it, either. If a price tag is printed directly onto a package label, use a sticker to cover it. 

I’ve encountered labels on the bottom of glass items that the manufactures must have used super glue to attach. Soaking the bottom of such items in hot water helps to loosen them. Never soak the entire item or you may ruin it. If there is sticky residue still left, a product called Goo Gone will remove it. Just be sure to wash the surface of the item well after using Goo Gone, ’cause, while it’s great stuff, it’s rather smelly, too.

A set of three votive candle holders

6. Show your gift off to best effect. I discovered that things like white votive candle holders sparkle against shiny red material. I found a package of three napkins at the dollar store, used one to line the box and folded the other two to insert between the candle holders to keep them from bumping together. 


A hostess gift with wine glasses, chocolate, napkins

and an ornament on a tray. Just add basket wrap

Use invisible tape to discreetly secure items to each other and hold them in place on a tray. Dollar stores sell the printed or clear basket wrap that will complete your gift. 

7. If you want your gifts to look classy, avoid giving small, single items. Instead of one mug, give a set of four matching mugs. Instead of one votive candle holder, give a set of three and throw in some scented votive candles. You’ve still only spent a minimum amount and your gift will look more substantial. 

Ceramic angel ornaments that look high-end

You can often find gift-worthy ornaments at the dollar store. Again, a set of three or four, properly presented will look far more impressive than their actual cost.


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