last minute gift and decor ideas for Christmas

Christmas Ideas

Last Minute Ideas for Gifts and Decor

‘Twas three days before Christmas

And some nervously brood,

Is everything ready,

Is there more I should do?

Poor poetry aside, there is always more that can be done to make ready for the big day but not everything needs to be done. That being said, if you are looking for one or two more suggestions, we offer this last minute mix of gift and décor ideas.

Basket Cases

There are always people on your gift list that you maybe don’t see every day but are nevertheless deserving of some recognition at this time of the year. Here are a couple of simple gift basket ideas that could be given under any number of circumstances.

This gift could be for a neighbourhood family you’re friendly with. We included four packs of hot chocolate; one for every member of this hypothetical family of four and a sturdy glass candy dish by Anchor the mom will appreciate.

Everything here came from a dollar store, however, if the Russell Stover chocolate bar and Hershey’s kisses are no longer available at the dollar store, substitute a small box of chocolates and any family-sized chocolate bar.

Then just add the shred and finish with clear cellophane wrap. This makes a nice thank-you gift for the friendly family that helps by mowing your lawn in the summer.


Dollarama has some beautiful Christmas themed boxes. This one is medium-sized and filled with a variety of chocolate treats (sold separately.) The shallow melamine snowman plate is a fun addition that could be used as a spoon rest.

This would make a good gift for your long-time friend, your hairdresser or a busy hostess.

Door Décor and Candles

Dress up one of the doors near your entrance with this JOY design. I love 3M’s Command hooks for their ease of use and the fact that they come off of surfaces like this cleanly when no longer needed.

The upside-down candy cane and wreath are easily hung in this way. The “Y” was a bit trickier.

Start with a length of thin, wireless garland and cut two pieces; one about 17 ½- inches and the other about ten inches. I opted to wrap the pieces in red garland for a hit of color.

Hook the top ends of the “y” onto small Command hooks. The garland completely hides the hook. If you don’t have this type of hanger on hand, tape will work, too.

The first length of garland will form the first angle of the y and the tail. The shorter length will complete the second angle. Tape the bend in the y to the door and let the tail hang loose or tape it to the door, as desired.


Clear silver snowflake stickers dress up one cylinder vase while silver craft paper encircles another. Let the light shine through the paper by creating a design in the paper at intervals, before securing it onto the vase with tape. In this case, we cut out the center of the floral designs.

Table Talk

Rather than name place cards, how about hunting up pictures of each family member at a younger age? This should make for fun conversations and reminiscences.

To make this ornament you will need:

  • Wire garland strands
  • Felt poinsettia ornaments on mini clothes pins
  • Ribbon or elastic string for hangers

All you do is circle the garland and clip the clothes pin where the garland ends meet to hold it together. Then open the clothes pin a bit and slip in the bottom edge of the picture.

Alternately, you could simply slip the pictures into place card holders.

Caution: Before using this idea, be very sure that your family will take this in the spirit of fun in which it was intended. If you’re not sure, use current pictures.


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