New uses for Christmas window clings

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A Cling-On Christmas

Use Those Window Clings for More

I love window clings. And it’s not because I like to decorate my windows with them. In fact, I hardly ever use them on windows. After all, on a window, the colours only show vividly on the inside of the house, while those seeing them from the outside see only a pale copy of the patterns.

Window clings are super easy to work with and more versatile than you might first suspect. Because it’s the season to be jolly, I’m showcasing Christmas window clings here, but keep these ideas in mind for other seasons, too.


Window clings are cheap at the dollar store and you have a variety of patterns to choose from. In this scenario, I chose one sheet with four smaller individual sections and one sheet with three long sections in three different patterns to give myself a variety of decorating options.

Window clings work well on glass cabinet doors such as these.

Wrap a window cling around a clear vase to give it some Christmas cheer. Don’t be afraid to cut a long window cling to fit. In this case, I’m using a shorter cylinder vase to use as a utensil holder in the kitchen.

Window clings will adhere to a lot of different smooth, clean surfaces, so I thought I’d jolly up my stove by attaching a length of it behind the cook top. Naturally, you always want to make sure that your decoration doesn’t come in contact with a heated element, so don’t take any chances; if a window cling doesn’t stick well to your surface, forgo using it near a heat source like this.

Window clings are endlessly repositionable and reusable if you store them on the background they came on. Let me know where your imagination takes you when using them!