Easy Holiday Decor with Pinecones and Glitter Trees

Christmas Ideas

Have Yourself a Lazy Little Christmas

Easy Holiday Décor 

Making elaborate Christmas crafts just isn’t my thing. The spirit may be willing but the hands are often all thumbs.

So, I’m happy to putter away with my dollar store finds until I come up with something that tickles my fancy and then share them with you in the hopes that they will delight you, as well.

Anyway, we all have enough to do at this time of year, so there’s nothing wrong with having a lazy little Christmas when it comes to decorating.

Sit a medium-sized pinecone in a small pot and tuck in some real or faux evergreen pieces. Now you have a simple but elegant décor accent courtesy of Mother Nature.

Sprinkle a little fake snow on top, if you wish and enhance a mantel or shelf arrangement with two of three of these pinecone pots.


This trio of cone trees come plain and simple but if you want to dress them up a bit, use accessories in your favorite accent color. Here, two ornaments, a piece of ribbon and a poinsettia pick in shades of red complement the gold trees and make them stand out in a corner on the stairs.

The ribbon simply tucks in between the strings at the top and bottom of the small tree and stays in place without any adhesive and the poinsettia pick stays put simply by bending the stem down and inserting it over one of the wire hoops that encircle the tree near the top.

Recently, I acquired this 10-inch lazy Susan from Dollarama and imagined it as a fun centerpiece by using ornaments and figurines I already had on hand.

Just secure four ornaments with two-sided tape around the center tree, spacing them at
about 4-inch intervals. The tree base is five-inches and doesn’t need to be fastened on because it is held in place by the ornaments.

This could be a fun centerpiece for the holiday table. It can be given a gentle spin so that everyone can enjoy a little show.

Arrange pinecones and greenery on a bed of fake snow in a fishbowl vase to make this pretty decoration. I added some cardinal stickers I had in my stash to the outside of the vase for a hit of color. Sprinkle a bit more snow over everything to complete.

You can get these medium-sized pinecones, scented with cinnamon, at Dollarama but, scented or not, this decoration may be just the thing to add Christmas ambiance to the powder room.