3 Easy Christmas Napkin Rings

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3 Easy Christmas Napkin Rings 

Making your own Christmas napkin rings is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3! With a roll of wire-edged ribbon and some easily attainable embellishments from the dollar store, you can make pretty napkin rings for your holiday table.

Supplies Used:

  • spool of wire-edged ribbon of your choice
  • hot glue
  • selection of small embellishments (2-D stickers, small fabric poinsettias, etc.)

Sticker Napkin Rings

1. Cut a 9′ spool of wire-edged ribbon into 6″ strips. (One spool makes approximately 16 napkin rings.)

2. Use hot glue to secure each ribbon strip in a circle.

3. Add a 3-D sticker to each napkin ring.

Stickers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Choose ones that are appropriate for the width of the ribbon and your colour scheme.

Now you’re ready to charm your holiday guests!

Simply Elegant

Here, we’ve used an elegant gold wire-edged ribbon and embellished it with a felt poinsettia. This makes for a pretty and stylish addition to the holiday table. Again, hot glue the ribbon ends together,

If you decide on a bright patterned ribbon, no extra embellishments may even be necessary.

Comic Napkin Rings

I enjoy reading the funny papers. It occurred to me that using individual comic strips with a Christmas theme as napkin rings would be a great way to add a little fun to a casual Christmas dinner table.

I printed some of my favourites from the Go Comics website http://www.gocomics.com/explore/comics.  I tried to choose comics to suit the tastes of each member of the family. For example, my son is a fan of Garfield.

Then, simply fold and tape the cut out comics into a circle large enough to accommodate a napkin. When I used this idea at a family gathering, I made sure that the napkin rings could be unfolded. I wanted family members to be able to read their individual napkin rings. 🙂




Now that you get the idea, picture these napkin rings using different ribbons and decorative accents to match any season or occasion. Valentine’s Day? Birthdays? Easter? This idea can be used all year long.


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