How to Embellish Dollar Store Christmas Signs

Signs of the Season

I know that crafters often use the paperboard Christmas signs from the dollar store as starting points for making totally different designs. I’m more of a lazy crafter and, when I pick out a Christmas sign at the dollar store, it’s because it appeals to me in some way; I like the shape of it, the picture and/or the message.

That being said, the designs are rather flat, so I thought I would try to improve on them with one or two add-ons. If this idea appeals to you, too, here’s how to embellish dollar store Christmas signs.

Stick On Snow

I love this large Christmas tag sign for the shape, the picture and the sentiment. All I did here was add some silver snowflake stickers over top of some of the painted-on ones and then hot glued three wood snowflakes onto it to give it more of a three dimensional look. 

I also removed the original twine hanger and replaced it with some white ribbon so it would blend in with the white door I hung it on.


Merry and Bright

I was drawn to the shape of this sign, too, but decided it could use a bit more oomph. To achieve that, I hot glued a Christmas pick to the top center…


…and some greenery and a pinecone to the bottom center of it. I was as simple as that.



These add-ons give this otherwise flat sign dimension and a bit more eye appeal.




Beaded Snowman 


For this sign, I replaced the twine hanger with a length of beads from a beaded garland. Making sure to add plenty of hot glue where the hanger is affixed to the back of the sign.



Then I added a single bead to each of the holes where the original hanger was. Adding some holly leaves and another red bead over top of the painted design on the hat gave it a three dimensional look. (Too much hot glue, but you get the idea!)



I decided to add a wired green stem along the bottom of the sign. Snip several more beads off of the garland to glue onto the stem at intervals. You can also add some three dimensional greenery to the snowman’s hand, too. 



You could use simple ideas like these on any sign from the dollar store, no matter what the season.



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