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Christmas Wrap Alternatives

We all expect to see beautifully wrapped gifts under the tree on Christmas morning, however, a pretty package doesn’t necessarily have to be wrapped in paper. There are alternatives and they can be just as attractive while at the same time, saving us money.

Here are a few more ideas:

Faithful readers of Dollar Store Style (bless you!) will notice that we have used this red storage box in a previous Christmas column. We like them because of the sturdy construction and the metal accents. They come in two different sizes and different colors, as well. Being a hard core traditionalist, I am more easily drawn to the Christmas red. 

This time, in keeping with the desire to use less wrapping paper at Christmastime, we have adorned this reusable box with silver wire-edged ribbon and two small Christmas picks. Add a tag and you have a simple, beautiful gift to present to someone special on your list.


The square green box is 4 1/2″ deep, has a padded lid and comes pre-adorned with a fabric wrap, ribbon and leafy embellishment. All you have to do is add the gift and a tag. We’ve seen these in red, as well. 


This is called a child’s backpack but it might also be used as a toiletry bag for travel. It has a draw-string closure under the flap. They come in a variety of colors but we chose a green one (what else?), disguised the outside closure with a decorative bow and added a three-dimensional gift tag.

We found this plain wooden box in the craft aisle at Dollarama, added two lengths of thin ribbon, a bell decoration and a three-dimensional gift tag for a slightly different take on tradition. The box is 9″ long, 6″ wide and 2″ deep, which makes it the perfect fit for a pair of gloves nestled in some tissue paper. The bell decorations come on a card of six for a dollar. This might be a good idea to give to someone who likes to do crafts.