Christmas Decor Using a Wall Tile from Dollar Tree

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Christmas Decor Using a Wall Tile from Dollar Tree 

I’ve always liked those large peel ‘n stick wall tiles you can find at Dollar Tree but am reluctant to use them in my rental lest they damage the walls when they have to be removed. Still, the crafter in me sensed that they could probably be used in other ways.

My thoughts along these lines were confirmed when I saw a YouTuber use one of these attractive wall tiles to create a Christmas decoration. I hope you enjoy my take on creating Christmas decor using a wall tile from Dollar Tree.

Supplies Used:

  • one peel ‘n stick wall tile (Dollar Tree)
  • 12″ wood DIY ornament shape (Dollar Tree)
  • 2 mini pine picks (Dollar Tree)
  • ready-made bow (stash)
  • wired berry garland (Dollar Tree)
  • faux holly stem (Dollar Tree)
  • hot glue



I liked the pattern on this wall tile. I would have liked to paint it gold, but it’s past the time when I can go outside to spray paint

I turned the wall tile over and traced the shape of the wood ornament onto it.


Once you cut the shape out of the tile, the sticky backing comes off, but that’s okay. Just discard it.



Don’t do what I did and use Mod Podge to attach the tile to the wood. It didn’t hold and I had to reattach it using hot glue.



After gluing the design to the wood, trim any excess using scissors or an X-acto knife. I also decided to paint the edges of the wood shape using some silver paint I had on hand, just as a finishing touch.



Once the tile was glued to the wood piece, I attached a ready-made bow from my stash, because I’m not good at making bows from scratch. Then I started to contemplate what else I wanted to add.


I had bought a package of mini pine picks earlier this year, so I cut off the long stems on two of them and hot glued one underneath the bow loops on each side.


Next, I glued some pieces of faux holly under the centre of the bow.



I thought my wall hanging still needed a little something more, so…


…I cut a length of wired berry garland approximately the length of the pine pick and glued that down the centre of each pick.



After adding that bit of colour, I was finally happy with the way my ornament wall hanging looked. Add a rope hanger to the back using hot glue and duct tape, for added security, and this Christmas decoration is ready to hang and enjoy.



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