Make a Holiday House Number Sign

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Make a Holiday House Number Sign

This is the third in my series of house number signs. If you haven’t already seen the first two, you can check them out here: A Unique Fall House Number Sign and Make An Easy House Number Sign, which I made this past spring.

The next in the series is, of course, for Christmas, but I invite you to use whatever colours and embellishments you like to create a sign for your favourite holiday. Craft projects are nothing, if not versatile! 

Gather Your Supplies

You will Need:

  • a wood plaque (Dollarama)
  • poster numbers
  • 2 colours of paint of your choosing
  • Outdoor Mod Podge
  • assorted trims and embellishments (on hand)
  • tacky glue
  • Gorilla Glue hot glue



These poster numbers are a little larger than the ones at Dollar Tree. I bought this set at Dollarama. Either will do the job nicely. I already had a package of faux wired pine pieces in my stash and the bag of vase filler, with an assortment of greenery and pine cones, is from Dollar Tree.

Paint the Plaque


I chose red as the base for my Christmas sign. It took about three coats for full coverage of the wood plaque.

Paint the Numbers


Thought I’d try this idea of painting my numbers a different colour. Three coats of acrylic paint are needed to fully cover the black. I used a blow dryer to dry the paint between coats. Of course, this step is totally optional.

Clean Up the Edges


I love the look of the white numbers on the red background. However, after I separated the numbers from the backing, there were some rough edges. I used an emery board to smooth them. You’ll want to use gentle strokes, so as not to damage the numbers.

Glue the Numbers to the Plaque


Center the numbers and use some tacky glue to adhere them to the middle of the sign.

Coat With Mod Podge


Coat the entire surface of the sign with Outdoor Mod Podge to help protect it from the weather.

Add Embellishments


Next, I cut down a piece of wired evergreen stem and hot glued it at the top using Gorilla Glue hot glue. I found a few snowflake-shaped confetti in my stash and used tacky glue to attach those, as well.



This berry branch has sparkly bits on it. It was found at Dollar Tree. I cut two small pieces for the sign. I also used two pieces of greenery from the bag of vase filler.



I hot glued the two pieces of greenery onto the evergreen stem as shown and added the berry pieces to the centre on top of them.



Two small frosted pinecones from bag of vase filler complete the look.

The Finished Sign


I’m really loving how this turned out! It’s not overly Christmasy, but certainly conveys the holiday spirit.


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