4 Fillable Ornament Ideas and How to Display Them

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4 Fillable Ornament Ideas and How to Display Them When You Don’t Have a Big Tree

I don’t have room for a full-sized Christmas Tree in my apartment. I use a table-top model, instead. Still, when I considered these ideas for fillable ornaments, I also started to wonder how I could use them as stand-alone Christmas decor.

So I thought I’d combine this post to include my ideas for the various types of fillable ornaments I found, along with alternate ways to display them, other than on a Christmas tree. 

Here are 4 fillable ornament ideas and how to display them when you don’t have room for a big tree. You could use these ideas to display some of your favourite ornaments throughout your home.

Simple Baubles

Supplies Used:

  • 3 small fillable ornaments
  • faux mistletoe
  • faux snow
  • mini pine pieces & berries




All you need for this ornament is a section of faux mistletoe and some faux snow. I just sniped off a section of berries and leaves to add to the ornament along with a small amount of the faux snow.




I had bought a package of the small pine picks at Dollar Tree earlier in the season and I’ve used them a lot this year. I glued a cluster of berries to a section of the pine pick to use as a topper for my filled ornament.



A little hot glue will secure it to the top of the ornament. I made three ornaments like this one to group together.



The tall Dollar Tree tea light holders make a good place to display these ornaments in a grouping.

A Light Bulb Moment

Supplies Used:

  • fillable light bulb ornaments (Dollarama)
  • mini pine pick (Dollar Tree)
  • small faux pine pieces (stash)
  • berry bunch (stash)
  • craft tweezers



These clear lightbulb ornaments came as a set of two. The tops actually screw on and off.



I used some pieces from an old pine stem I had in my stash for one ornament and a piece of a mini pine pick for the other one.



I cut the top off of the pine pick and pushed it into the ornament.



To add a bit of colour, I cut a small spray of faux berries from a bunch I already had on hand and inserted that into the ornament, as well.



I filled the second ornament with a couple of pine twigs from the other pine stem. A long pair of craft tweezers are useful for manipulating things like this berry bunch in tight spaces.



If you have enough of these, you could hang them on a garland. I only had two, so I decided to make a door hanger with them by tying them together with ribbon. How would you use these ornaments?

Vase Filler Ornament

Supplies Used:

  • large fillable ornament
  • 2- 3 bags Christmas vase filler (Dollarama or Dollar Tree) 
  • wired pine stem (for base)



Love the size of these large, fillable ornaments. I first thought of creating a little winter scene inside of it, but I didn’t want to end up loosing my mind trying.



So I thought I would use some Christmas vase filler I had on hand, filling it almost to the top and adding a spring of faux pine, included in each bag, on top. This way, you can see all of the vase filler, not just what’s on top of a filled bowl.

I also added bits and pieces of greenery and berries I’d trimmed from other stems this year. It’s a great way to use them up while helping to fill the ornament.



I also hot glued a piece of faux pine and some berries to the top, as I did for the smaller round ornaments.



This ornament will be too heavy to hang on your tree filled with this vase filler, but you can make a place for it to sit using a wired pine stem. I added a piece of berry garland to mine and formed it into a circle.



The ornament sits securely on the pine ring, either on a flat surface…



…or on a pillar candle stand. I really like it this way. I didn’t glue the pine ring to the bottom of the ornament but you may choose to do so.

Reindeer in a Jar

Supplies Used:

  • mason jar ornament (Dollar Tree)
  • bottle cap (approx. 1 3/4″ across) 
  • small wood cutout reindeer (stash)
  • gold acrylic paint
  • small square wood cube or square bead
  • 2 mini trees
  • faux snow
  • hot glue


I had used this ornament for something else last year, so it already had ribbon trim on it and I decided it would work for what I was doing this time, too.



I used the square bead as a stand for the reindeer.



After painting the reindeer gold I hot glued it to the wood bead, adding a bit more glue to one side to ensure the reindeer stayed upright.



I think this lid was from a spice jar. I hot glued it to the inside of the ornament lid to form a base for the decorations I’m using. Make sure there’s enough room around the edges for the top of the ornament to screw back on.



Next, glue the reindeer and faux trees onto the base.



Add the faux snow and replace the lid.



The faux snow hides the base the ornaments sit on and fills in the gaps around the edges. I also like the way some of the snow sticks to the sides of the ornament, making it look like it’s snowing.

I decided the ornament looked a tad unbalanced, so I took it apart and added another faux tree.



This decoration could be added to a tree but I perched mine on a Dollar Tree candle holder. 


You don’t need a large Christmas tree in order to enjoy your ornaments. Display your favourites anywhere around your home where you’d like to add a touch of Christmas cheer.


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