Easy Decorating Ideas For Christmas

Christmas Ideas

Easy Decorating Ideas for Christmas

Decorating the house for the holidays is part of the fun but it can also be time-consuming. Here at Dollar Store Style, quick and easy is the name of the game.

Try one of two of these easy decorating ideas for Christmas to help make your home holiday ready.

Beribboned Chairs


Here’s an easy way to decorate dining room chairs that have padded backs. You will need about three 9-foot rolls of the ribbon of your choice to beribbon six chairs.

Simply cut two lengths of ribbon to correspond with the height and width of the padding, making sure to leave about an inch on each end to turn over. Use beaded straight pins to secure each end. The beads will help to ensure that the pins won’t go right through the ribbon and disappear into your chair cushion. One pin per end works well.

To hide the pin at the top of the chair, hold the ribbon in place by the piece that’s turned under; flip the rest of the ribbon over the back of the chair and pin only the small ribbon flap so that, when you smooth the rest of the ribbon back over the chair front, the pin is hidden.

When small children are present, it would be best to hide all of the straight pins in this way.

Bedecked Tabletop Tree

Dollarama has these wonderful little trees in heavy bases. They’re about 19-inches tall from base to tip. We used some Christmas fabric tied on with ribbon to hide the plain green pot and added poinsettia picks to brighten a dark corner.

These artificial trees could be used outside, as well, perhaps in a planter, using decorations that can withstand rain, wind and snow.

Easy Candle Decor

Make a cheery little candle display for the bathroom with two votive candles, a few mini pinecones and a small resin figurine. Adjust the colors to suit your Christmas theme.

In my case, the candles are just for show but, naturally, you’ll want to replace the pine cones with flame-proof candle rings if you intend to burn the candles.



Dollar tree has shaped floral foam, which makes it easy to create a beautiful centrepiece for your table. A round piece of floral foam was used in this green vase. To hide the floral foam in a see-through vase, put some artificial snow in the vase and work the foam piece down into it until it is sufficiently covered.

Then add floral picks until you have filled out the bowl to your liking.

Banana Tree to Ornament Holder


This display could be used on a mantel. It starts with a plain metal banana tree and a small lantern that was bought in the summer. Substitute the lantern for a favourite ornament, if you wish. A pre-made bow hides the hook and a candle ring with an added poinsettia bloom camouflages the base.

These decorating ideas for Christmas should help you on your way to a fun and frugal holiday home.


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