Make a Simple Christmas Swag


Christmas Ideas

Make a Simple Christmas Swag

Christmas swags can be expensive. However, all you really need to make a simple Christmas swag are three items and about five minutes of your time!

Supplies Used:

  • two long Christmas stems
  • thin wire or cable ties

I found these two long poinsettia stems at Dollarama. 

Lay them out as pictured.


Tie the two stems together where the poinsettias meet. At the time I made this, I used a piece of thin wire. A plastic cable tie would have been faster and easier. Using the wire did, however, make it easy to fashion a loop for hanging the swag. 

After I tied the two stems together, it looked like this, with the two flowers in the centre. Make sure the stems are hidden behind the berry bunches. Fluff the elements up and shape the swag into a gentle arc.

At this point, you could add additional accents, as desired, perhaps some extra pine boughs or coloured picks. I was content to leave mine as is.

I thought it made a lovely accent on the mirror near my front door.


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