Window Dressing for Christmas

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Window Dressing For Christmas

When we decorate for Christmas, windows are a natural canvas. We can decorate them so that the results show our Christmas spirit to the world, or we can use them to enhance that spirit on the inside where friends and family gather to celebrate.

Here are two ideas to try that, in true Dollar Store Style, are both quick and inexpensive.

In the Powder Room

If you have a window in your guest bathroom, there’s no reason it shouldn’t project the same holiday vibe as the rest of the house.

For this idea, you will need:

  • a cafe rod
  • two removable hooks (large enough to hold the cafe rod securely
  • a wire evergreen garland of the appropriate length
  • a set of 10 pinecone or other battery-operated lights
  • clip-on poinsettia ornaments
  • snowflake window stickers (optional)


Attach the hooks to the window frame. These removable hooks are the perfect size for holding a cafe rod in place without using the traditional hardware. 


Wrap the wired garland around the length of the curtain rod. 


Place the garland-wrapped curtain rod on the window. You may have to push some garland out of the way in order for the bare rod to make good contact with the hooks. 


Once the garland is in place, it’s a simple matter to drape the string of lights on top of it, hooking the wire around pieces of the garland.



Add a bit of colour to your garland with some small ornaments. Here I’ve use clip-on poinsettias. I then dressed up the frosted window with some snowflake window stickers.















Secure the battery pack to the wall by using two 3M Command Velcro strips. It’s an easy way to hold it in place, so it isn’t just left dangling, which could damage the wires and render your lights unusable.(See more Quick Tips for Christmas here.)

For the Dining Room

This idea is particularly effective if you have dark coloured curtains on your dining room windows.

Supplies Used:

  • two packages of 6 medium-sized snowflakes (Dollar Tree)
  • one package of small snowflakes
  • straight pins
  • package of 48 curtain lights (Dollarama)

Begin by pinning the two different sizes of snowflake ornaments to the curtain using the straight pins. I secured the larger ones by fastening them under a larger snowflake tip. These larger ornaments aren’t too thick, so they’re easy to pin.

The smaller snowflakes were pinned on through the hole meant for the ornament’s hanger.










String the curtain lights through the curtain grommets at the appropriate intervals. One set of four strands was enough for my narrow window.

I secured the battery pack to the inside of the window frame within easy reach, again using the 3M Command Velcro strips.


With the string lights turned on, my plain curtains sparkle to add to the Christmas dining experience.



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