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What You Can Do With Leftover Christmas Wrap

If you have wrapping paper from last Christmas that you’re not sure what to do with, here are a few fun solutions for you to consider.




Instead of buying a bottle bag, make a sleeve wrap for that bottle of wine. Just cut the paper the length and width needed and tape at the back. Then add a bow and a tag and your gift is ready to give.

Instead of buying a box made for a gift card or using the store’s card sleeve, wrap a gift card in a bit of scrap paper, tie with some curling ribbon and add a sparkly sticker.

Now pop it into a stocking or add a ribbon hanger and attach your gift to the Christmas tree.

Use wrapping paper scraps to make Christmas wall art. In this example, an eight by ten artist’s canvas was wrapped as though it was a present using gold colored paper. Cut the paper so that just enough is left over to tape to the wooden frame as shown in the picture below. 

Then finish the ends as though you were wrapping an actual gift. Contrasting strips of striped paper were added as ribbon to the package and a cut out picture of Santa was used as a gift tag. Then tape a bow at the intersection were the “ribbons” meets.

An appropriate picture cut from wrapping paper, could also be used as a gift tag.

For example, Santa’s beard in the picture above makes an inviting place to write “to” and

In this example of Christmas art, a smaller flat artist’s canvas was wrapped in solid red paper and the front of an old Christmas card was used to supply the picture.

If you like scrapbooking, cut-out pictures from old wrapping paper could make your pages more meaningful, especially if you use pictures or samples from the wrapping paper scattered around the floor on Christmas morning.






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