Fun and Easy Easter Party Favours

Spring and Easter

Fun and Easy Easter Party Favours 

Whatever the holiday, I love setting out party favours on the dinner table. My family seems to love seeing what I’ve come up with when they arrive for dinner.

Party favours on the table also add a decorative touch to the table-scape.

Here’s a fun and easy Easter party favour to make for your holiday table.

Supplies Used:

  • fillable bunny shapes (Dollarama)
  • “Let Love Grow” seed packets (Dollar Tree)
  • clear treat bags 
  • scrapbook paper
  • glue stick
  • mini clothes pin clips
  • tape


These fillable bunnies were new at Dollarama this year. They really look like chocolate. I saw the pretty wildflower seed packets at Dollar Tree. Either one of these would make lovely party favours on their own, but I decided to combine them.

I put three individually wrapped pieces of Easter candy in each bunny.


I found these clear cookie bags in the wedding section at Dollarama. You could use a printed Easter treat bag, but I wanted the contents to be clearly visible.



The treat bags come with round discs to sit cookies on. I decided to cut out some light green scrapbook paper to give them a springtime vibe.



Deciding that the paper would stick better to the underside of the original silver coloured cardboard discs, I glued each paper circle to the bottom of them. Trim the edges of the paper, as needed.



Presumably, a stack of cookies would be heavy enough to keep the bags sitting upright. However, as the contents I’m using are light, I used a piece of clear tape to flatten the bottom seam on each bag.




All that was left to do was to insert my filled bunnies and seed packets. If you can find some thin spring coloured ribbon, you could leave the top of the bag long and just tie it closed. I didn’t come across any such ribbon so I trimmed a couple of inches off of the top of the bags, folded them over and used some colourful butterfly clips I had in my stash to close the bags. 

I’m counting on these treat bags to be a hit when I host Easter dinner.


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