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Does your bedroom make you feel tired and listless? Are you losing sleep over the disorder on your dresser? Have you made your bed but don’t want to sleep in it? With just a few dollars and a little thought, you can help to bring back a feeling of calm to the place where you spend a third of your life.

There’s no need to buy new cushions for the bedroom; not when you can recover the old ones with pretty cushion covers. You could also use these to recover two or three of those old sofa cushions you’ve packed away in a closet so you can make use of them in the bedroom, too. These cushion covers are sized at 16-inches square and fit most regular sized cushions.

This covered glass dish and metal tray make good places to keep the jewelry you wear on a regular basis so you’re not wasting time rummaging through the jewelry box every morning. This tray is also a good place to park your glasses at night so you always know where to find them in the morning.

If your bedside table is giving you nightmares but you don’t have the green to replace it, there’s a simple solution. Just use a pretty table topper to hide the imperfections and give it a new lease on life. Dollar stores have small polyester tablecloths in different colors or try using an attractive scarf. 

According to the experts, over-matching is a no-no; so if your room is painted blue, choose accents that add contrast, like red. Here we’ve enlisted a couple of hardcover books to give the small table lamp height and carried on the natural theme in the picture with floral candles on a base of river rocks in a low vase and a set of engraved stones to help you think happy thoughts.

The picture frame it holds a favorite memory in the form of a birthday card from one of the offspring. The floating candles come in a package of four and the engraved stones come in a package of three.

If you don’t already have a nightstand, any appropriately sized table will serve, even if that wasn’t its original purpose. Avoid clutter on your night table. You want to wake up to something that helps you start your day off on the right note so choose two or three accessories that give you good vibes.

After you add your alarm clock, make sure you’ve saved enough room for a book you’re reading and/or a glass of water.