Turn Keepsake Jewelry Into Art for Your Bedroom

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Turn Keepsake Jewelry Into Art for Your Bedroom

I don’t wear a lot of jewelry. Still, I have a few pieces that I don’t want to get rid of, such as brooches that belonged to my mother and my maternal grandmother. I want to keep these even though I’ll probably never wear them.

You could just store such pieces in a jewelry box but here’s an idea that will allow you to turn keepsake jewelry into art for your bedroom.

Supplies Used:

  • one multi frame with maximum 3″ x 5″openings or 4 individual frames
  • black material (from my stash) or material of your choosing
  • variety of brooches


This is the frame I started with. It consists of four frames all joined together and I’ve had it for a long time. If you can’t find something similar, it would be just as easy to make a grouping of three or four individual frames.



I spray painted the frame white, as the material I’m using is black.



Because the backings on this frame are all attached, I needed something to attach the material to. I cut the individual frame shapes from a sheet of cork I had on hand, but you could also use cardboard.



My brooches pop against this black material.




This is the smaller round piece, which is just the right size for one of my grandmother’s brooches. Cut the material to fit the frame insert and pin the brooch(es) to the centre.



Pull the material taut around each insert and staple in the back. An ordinary desk stapler works well for this.



The 3″ by 5″ frame is perfect for two similarly shaped brooches.



The completed keepsake jewelry art makes an interesting addition to my bedroom wall. I particularly like how the butterfly pins look in the oval frame.

By the way, the high heel and cat on the bottom right are two pins I found at the dollar store. 🙂


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