Using costume jewelry to decorate outside

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Using Costume Jewelry to Decorate Outside

Outdoor entertaining can be fun without costing a cooler-load of cash. One way to help decorate is to head to the jewelry section of your local dollar store and load up on cheap embellishments to add some sparkle and shine to outdoor gatherings. 

Here are three ideas for using dollar store jewelry and hair accessories as decorative accents. 



Bright floral hair ties on the corners of a tablecloth add a dressed-up look without being stuffy. Coordinate with a tablecloth you already have or simply use a length of fabric for casual appeal. The thickness of this particular tablecloth meant that we only had to slip it over the material once for it to stay in place.

Flower hair ties also make great alternatives to napkin rings for summer dining and they cost a pittance compared to department store prices. 


A pair of pretty leaf-like drop earrings adds a little pizzazz to a plain pillar candle. Straight post earrings, such as these, push easily into the wax. 

Here, we’ve used a small colorful melamine plate to sit the candle on but any appropriately-sized candle plate will do.

Two or three of these down the middle of your outdoor table will add a hit of color to it and perhaps, become a topic of conversation.


There are a wide variety of bracelets at the dollar store. Choose stretchy ones for decorating purposes because they will hug the candle or candle holder and stay in place. Here, we’ve stretched a pretty floral and beaded bracelet around a small glass hurricane candle holder containing a candle in a coordinating color. 

If you use this idea on several candles or candle holders, you could offer the bracelets to your female guests as party favors when they are leaving. 

You don’t have to limit yourself to these ideas. Design your own unique outdoor décor using the costume jewelry you can find at your local dollar store.