How to Decorate Plain Cushion Covers

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How To Decorate Plain Cushion Covers

Cushion covers are a wonderful way to update your decor on a budget. Dollar stores have cushion covers in a variety of solid colors that you can easily add an extra dimension to.

Find out how you can make plain cushion covers unique with these simple tips.

Wrap it Up

A simple way to add some pizzazz to a plain cushion cover is to wrap it around with a colorful scarf. Just use the scarf as if you were wrapping a present, twisting it in the middle and securing it in the back with a couple of stitches.

Re-Purpose a Doily

Doilies are another very easy way to dress up a plain cushion cover. You may have inherited some of your mother or grandmother’s doilies. If not, dollar stores sell the inexpensive kind.

All you have to do is stitch a doily in place where you want it, in this case draped three-quarters of the way over the top of the cushion.

Buttoned Up

Here we’ve used one large button and thread to match the fabric and contrast with the white button we’re using. The dimple effect was created by pushing the needle all the way through the middle of the cushion and pulling it through to the back. Pull the thread as tight as you can and tie a knot to secure it.

For this project you will need:

– a large button
– strong thread
– an extra-long needle
– scissors


For this cushion, we used the previous two ideas in combination. Small touches like
this gold colored button help to add to the current trend of using metals as décor accents.

Ribbon Wrap


Ribbon is available in different patterns and widths and is another very easy way to add color and pattern to a cushion. This ribbon is 4 ½” wide and has a velvet-like pattern that adds an element of texture to the cushion.

You can stitch the ribbon directly onto the cushion cover or sew the ends of the ribbon together and slip it onto the cushion. In this way it is easily removed when you want to wash the cover.