Unique Mother’s Day Ideas

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Unique Mother’s Day Ideas

As an empty nester, there’s nothing I like better than when my two kids come home to visit. Their time is the greatest gift they could ever give me and anything else they may want to offer me is like chocolate syrup drizzled over chocolate layer cake, unnecessary but delightful.

Most mothers crave thoughtful gestures rather than grand ones. Here are three ideas from the dollar store that cost $10 or less to put together. Use them as a guide for giving your mom or grandmother something unique and personal for Mother’s Day. 


This domed lantern is about 6-inches high and comes in bright summer colours as well as this creamy white. Team it up with a sleeve of eight scented tea lights in a pretty gift bag for a gift that is sure to delight a mom or grandmother.


How about making a leisure gift basket for the mom who enjoys relaxing in the backyard? Start with an interesting container like this small party bucket and add an assortment of the kinds of things you know your mom would enjoy. Here, we’ve included a pair of flip flops, sunglasses, two word puzzle books, an acrylic wine glass, a small bottle of Perrier and a couple of decorative items, including a Terra cotta wall clock and a small lantern. 

You might also want to include some citronella tea lights to help keep Mom from being bugged while outdoors. Pack a container with some things you know your mom will love.


If Mom or Grandmother enjoys nothing better than puttering about in her garden, this next idea could be just the thing to make her day. The gardening pouch cost $2 and we filled it with a pair of gardening gloves, some markable garden stakes, a pair of flower scissors, which incidentally, are also good for crafts, a pretty floral-patterned garden trowel and three packets of flower seeds. The total cost of this present was around $8.25 and, naturally, you will want to customize it to suit the needs or wants of the lady gardener it’s intended for.